UOGuide:Newsletter June 2010

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Hail and well met,

Thanks for subscribing to the UOGuide newsletter. This is the 1st edition of what we hope will be many! It also happens to coincide with UOGuide's anniversary. Our first issue is packed with lots of stuff, including the announcement of a house design contest. We hope you will enjoy.

UOGuide 4th Anniversary

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Ale three connected bottles.gif Who would have thought this website would be as large and popular as it is today? I simply set out to make a site which was constantly being updated and had the vital information a player needed. A lot has happened over the past 4 years. UOGuide may have been abandoned long ago if it weren't for all the great contributors over the years. A big thanks to everyone who has spent the time to edit a page.

What does the future hold? Well additions and new features are being planned for. This newsletter is one of many examples of new content you can expect from UOGuide in the near future. Another addition starting now is a monthly contest with nice prizes! There should be one or two exciting enhancements coming in July, along with an updated site style. I can't wait to unveil them for everyone to begin using.

It has been a enjoyable 4 years and I look forward to next year's 5th anniversary! Have a Nice day.

- JC the Builder

In the Shadow of Virtue

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Crossed swords icon.gif Do the Ophidians ever rest? From the very beginning they have been at war with the Terathans. Now they are picking a fight with a new force calling themselves the Bane Chosen. Next week they may be fighting Lizardmen or who knows what else. Here is the chance to put them down once and for all, pick up your sword and choose who you will fight. Or chop them all down for good measure.

More Info: In the Shadow of Virtue - Rise of the Bane Chosen

June Featured Updates

Gamermaster icon.png Producer's Letter - UO producer Calvin Crowner updates us on what is happening with the development team and what is planned for the future. He discusses the current storyline, the status of 3rd party program detection and the upcoming treasure map enhancements.

Mini paints and brush.gifComics - Are you ready for some laughs? Find links to all your favorite UO comics: ImaNewbie, Bones, BON3DOOD and pLaTeDeWd, etc.

Theatre sign.png Movies - Ever find yourself looking for an old UO movie but can't remember the name? Look no further, now there is a list of all your favorites. If you know of one not yet linked, take a moment to add it!

Mini crystal ball.gif UOGuide Poll - The Main Page poll is now being updated about every 2 weeks. Be sure to have your vote counted. Also, be sure to check out the archive of past polls.

Mini spellbook.gif Name the Newsletter - "UOGuide Newsletter" is super boring. Submit your name idea and possibly win 5 million gold on your shard! The name will be picked for the next edition.

Community Features

Do you need a website for your guild? A place to show off your vendor shop? Or maybe a page detailing the rare item you have for sale. UOGuide has all these problems solved and more. Our community features are available to help our all UO players.

  • Guild Website Hosting - Create a page on UOGuide to advertise for recruits, keep current members up to date and have a record of your adventures. If your guild does not already have a website, make sure tell your guildmaster about UOGuide guild hosting.
  • Personal Web Page - Every UOGuide member has their own personal page. It can be used to advertise your vendors, list your methods of contact, explain your character back story and anything else you desire.
  • Fansite Support - Being a fansite, we know how difficult it is to get the word out. UOGuide wants to help other fansites in any way we can.

House Design Contest

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Mini house.gif We are excited to run our first major contest this July. The theme is based around classic UO housing. The goal is to design and build the best adaptation of a classic UO home in a custom plot. Players can base their theme on any of the original or renaissance pre-built types. The winners will be selected based on being the most creative in enhancing the original design.

The contest runs from July 1 to July 23. First prize is a choice of an 11th Year Collection Set or 90 Day Gametime Code. Judging is being done by members from several fansites and a vote that everyone can take part in. Don't wait too long, create your house and send it in!

Seeking Scribes

UOGuide now hosts well over 5,000 pages of content crafted by hundreds of people through more than 44,000 edits. We are always looking for new people to help build on this tremendous information base which is used by thousands of people per day. In literally one minute you can be editing pages. It's as easy as posting on any internet forum. How about giving it a try? Even if you make one contribution, it is a big help. We hope to see you on the site!