Ultima Online: Age of Shadows

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Ultima Online: Age of Shadows
Ultima Online: Age of Shadows box art
Release date: February 11, 2003
Developer: Origin Systems
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Website: www.uo.com/ageofshadows
In a world where you can be anyone... Who will you be?

Ultima Online: Age of Shadows, also known as AoS, is Ultima Online's fifth expansion. It changed many game mechanics, including such basic things as combat, spell casting times, and how armor and damage worked. It also introduced house customization. It can generally be said that, after this expansion, UO became a more item-based game.

Additions and changes

Specifically, the expansion included:

  • The Paladin profession: The Paladin is a holy warrior who uses magic to aid fellow adventurers and fight against evil. This magic can heal wounds, cure disease, reverse poisonous affects, lift curses, and increase fighting prowess. Paladins can invoke powers in the heat of battle, even while carrying sword and shield. Paladins also have:
  • The Necromancer profession: The Necromancer is an evil magician who gains control over the dead. He can summon pain, pestilence, cold, and vile curses to kill hapless foes-only to animate their lifeless corpses into horrifying undead that attack any creature, dead or alive. The Necromancer does not stop with raising the dead, for he can transform himself into some of these forms, gaining both their powers and weaknesses. Necromancer attributes include:
    • 16 evil spells
    • 4 creature forms to assume
    • Summon 5 different familiars
  • Enhanced new player quests for the Necromancer and Paladin.
  • Customized House Design Tool with which to place custom floors, walls, windows, stairs and other features. Originally, there were over 1000 house design tiles from which to choose.
  • Magic item system wherein new magic properties can be arranged in different combinations and intensities on items to produce a near infinite variety of new magic items.
  • 13 new combat attack moves
  • New 3D avatar and wearable art
  • Interface enhancements
  • Floating damage numbers
  • Enhanced tooltips
  • 3D graphic enhancements:
    • weapon trails
    • environments effect
    • advanced visual queues
  • New landmass – Malas, which is the largest land expansion in UO history. It contained space for an additional 40,000 houses across all shards.
  • Over 40 points of interest
  • New dungeon – Doom, (the biggest dungeon in UO until Stygian Abyss Dungeon is introduced).
  • New rare items spawning system
  • 20 new monsters for both 2D and 3D Clients (More Info)
  • 3 new boss-type monsters
  • Battle Focus skill adjustment that allowed the regeneration of stamina and mana more quickly
  • 10 new weapons