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UOGuide's continued growth is dependent on being able to support itself financially. This may be a surprise to some, but running a website costs real money. Thus far UOGuide's finances have been donated by a single person. But it is becoming evident that more money needs to be raised for a faster web host and increased server capacity. Over the past few months, UOGuide's reliability and speed have greatly decreased. This is due to tens of thousands of visitors per month viewing hundreds of thousands of pages.

There are a few ways in which a website can support itself. One is through placement of advertisements. Those annoying flashing graphics which sometimes include sound, the ones we all hate. It is our goal to never resort to such methods. However there still needs to be a way for UOGuide to support itself.

Direct Donations

If you wish to donate money directly to UOGuide the only method currently available is via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to donate, credit card donations can be made through Paypal without signing up. Click the yellow Donate button to begin.


Funds Raised

Thus far a total of $120 has been raised. A total of $64.73 has been spent for upkeep, leaving $55.27 in the UOGuide fund. [this is woefully out of date]

Other Support

Here are some additional ways you can support UOGuide financially.

UOAM Server Hosting

An additional offering to support UOGuide is through UOAM server hosting. UO Auto-Map has a feature which allows players to see each others' locations. This is very useful for guilds to coordinate activities or friends to find each other. The cost will be $5 per month, no limit on users. Please contact JC the builder if you are interested.

Question: Is UOAM hosting still offered?

  • Answer: Yes! In fact this is currently how ~15% of UOGuide is supported. Consider switching to your UOAM host to us today!

UOAM Server Information

  • IP:
  • Port: 2005
  • Password: The one you requested

Website Hosting

Have you ever wanted to make a website for your guild? It isn't very difficult once you figure out a few things like HTML and whatnot. If you sign up through Dreamhost, UOGuide will get a rather sizable referral bonus. Dreamhost has served UOGuide well for nearly 2 years now and basic plans start at just $10 per month!

  • Click here to check them out
  • Be sure to use the promotion code uoguide if you signup, otherwise we don't get the bonus!
  • The best deal is the yearly because it waives the $50 setup fee.