Ultima Online Game Codes

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Here you will find links for all the official UO codes including upgrades and items.


Purchase soverign coins to use in the new store located within the game client.


500 Sovereigns


1000 soverigns.jpg

1,000 Sovereigns


2000 soverigns.jpg

2,000 Sovereigns


5000 soverigns.jpg

5,000 Sovereigns


New Account

Use this code to create a new account with the Stygian Abyss expansion. It includes 1 month of game time.

Stygian abyss box art icon.png

Stygian Abyss New Player Code + 30 Days Game Time


Expansion Upgrades

Use these codes to upgrade an account to access additional content.

Stygian Abyss

Stygian abyss box art icon.png

Stygian Abyss Account Upgrade Code


High Seas

High seas box icon.png

High Seas
Booster Code


Time of Legends

Time of legends box icon.png

Time of Legends
Expansion Code


Game Time

Game time codes will add play time to your account.

Item Price Description
30 Days of Game Time Code $12.99 Add 30 days of game time (1 month) to your account.
90 Days of Game Time Code $38.99 Add 90 days of game time (3 months) to your account.
180 Days of Game Time Code $59.99 Add 180 days of game time (6 months) to you account.

Account Upgrades

These codes add enhancements to your account.

Item Price Description
7th Character Slot Code $19.99 Enable an additional character creation slot on every shard for your account.
20% Housing and Bank Storage Increase $19.99 Gives a 20% bonus to bank and house storage space on every shard, every character for your account.
7th Character Slot and 20% Storage Increase Combo $29.99 Buy both and save $10.

Character Upgrades

These codes are used on characters to make changes or enhancements.

Item Price Description
Mythic Character Token $24.99 Choose 5 skills to start at 90 skills points each
Advanced Character Token $29.99 Save time by starting a character trained in many skills. Read all about the upgrades here.
Character Transfer Token $19.99 Allows you to transfer 1 character between shards. Read all about character transfer here.
Gender Change Token $9.99 Allows you to change the gender of your character.
Reincarnation Token $19.99 Allows you to change a character's race, sex and name all at the same time.


These codes give you items in the game.

Item Price Description
Red token.png King's Collection Pack $9.99 Gives you unique decoration items for your house and access to some new craftables.
ShipModeloftheHMSCape.gif Britannian Ship $11.99 The best ships on the seas with increased durability, 9 weapons platforms, can carry 2 house addons. More information available here.
Red token.png Captain's Bundle $17.95 Comes with Britannian Ship, Captain's Wheel and 2 new dyes for your ship.
Red token.png Eleventh Year Collection $15.99 Get all 11 item that came with this collection including Runebook Dyes, Full Bookcase and Armor Engraving Tool. Read all about the collection items here.
Forged metal of artifacts.png 5 Charge Forged Metal Tool $5.95 Enhance equipment with no chance of failure. Comes with 5 uses.
Forged metal of artifacts.png 10 Charge Forged Metal Tool $9.99 Enhance equipment with no chance of failure. Comes with 10 uses.
Chest of sending.png Gothic Theme Pack $9.99 Comes with several gothic themed items including Gargoyle Statues, a Ritual Table, Chest of Sending and more. Read all about them here.
Hair dye.png Haochi's Pigments $3.99 Unique dyes not available elsewhere in the game. Comes with 50 uses.
Teleporter tile veteran reward.png House Teleport Tile Set $9.99 A pair of teleportation tiles to place in your home. Learn more about them here.
Pet bonding potion.png Instant Bonding Potion $4.99 Bond a pet instantly by drinking this
Red token.png Legacy Token $9.99 Can be used to obtain a Hooded Shroud of Shadows, Charger of the Fallen, or Green Soulstone.
Hair dye.png Natural Hair Dye $4.00 Dye your character's hair one of many unique colors not available elsewhere.
Pen of wisdom.png Pen of Wisdom $5.99 Copies a Runebook. Comes with 100 charges.
Raised garden bed small.png 3 Raised Garden Beds $19.99 Set of 3 Raised Garden Beds for your home
Llama topiary.png Rustic Theme Pack $9.99 Comes with several items including Topiary, Raised Garden Bed, and Rustic Bench. Read all about the included items here.
Quarter Staff.png Undertaker's Staff $4.99 A magic staff used to summon your corpse for easy looting.
Woodworkers bench.jpg Woodworker's Bench $5.99 Gives bonuses to Carpentry skill use when used. More information available here.