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The Ultima Store is an in-game feature that allows players to purchase a variety of in-game items with Sovereigns purchased from the Origin Store. Most items previously purchased from the Origin Store that could be redeemed for in-game items are now available for purchase with sovereigns from the in-game Ultima Store.

  • Before you can purchase items in-game, you first must purchase some Sovereigns from the Origin Store.
  • Expansions and Game Time codes still must be purchased through the Origin Store, as these items are applied directly to your account.
  • Your sovereign balance is stored on your master Broadsword account and accessible to all characters on all accounts on all Shards.



  • Hooded Shroud of Shadows - 1000 Sovereigns
  • Earring of Protection - Offers a bonus +2% to a specific resist. You can pick from physical, energy, fire, poison, or cold. - 200 Sovereigns
  • Undertaker's Staff - 500 Sovereigns
  • Smuggler's Edge - 400 Sovereigns
  • Pigments of Tokuno - 400 Sovereigns
    • Dye that has 50 uses from the Neon and Metal collections. You may choose one of 18 colors:
    • Berserker Red
    • Coal
    • Deep Rose
    • Dryad Green
    • Faded Gold
    • Faded Bronze
    • Faded Coal
    • Faded Rose
    • Fire Orange
    • Invulnerability Blue
    • Luna White
    • Nox Green
    • Paragon Gold
    • Rose
    • Rum Red
    • Shadow Dancer Black
    • Storm Bronze
    • Violet Courage Purple
  • Haochi's Pigments - 400 Sovereigns
    • Dye that has 50 uses and functions in the same manner as Pigments of Tokuno. You may choose one of 9 colors:
    • Ghost's Grey
    • Midnight's Blue
    • Dark Reddish Brown
    • Emerald
    • Pretty Pink
    • Ocean Blue
    • Olive
    • Yellow
    • Smoky Gold
  • Commemorative Robe - 500 Sovereigns




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