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Full name of Kirthag DiOrsae, also responds to "Kirth". A fictional character created by L.Z. Mitch.

Kirthag, onetime resident of the Napa Valley Shard, now resides on the Pacific Shard where she maintains two castles; the Yew Community Center (just northeast of the Yew Gate in Trammel) and the Pacific Memorial Museum (resting near the Honesty Shrine on Dagger Isle, also in Trammel).


Kirthag is a role-playing persona created in 1980 during an adventure in the 8th-grade D&D club of the Player's school (the player was then 12 years old). Over the years, Kirthag has grown in ways not really anticipated. Kirthag's Player has utilized the RP-persona as a means of dealing with extraordinary circumstances; from personal tragedies to world-altering events.

List of Worlds

  • Dragon Lance (AD&D, 1980's)
  • Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA, unofficial butterfly, 1987 to 2003)
  • Taray (AD&D custom, early 1990's)
  • Celestial Kingdom (LARP - Amtgard; Austin, TX, mid-1990's)
  • MUD/MUSH games (various, 1990's)
  • Rhy'din, AOL-RP chat rooms (volunteer moderator, active participant 1993 - 1997)
  • Sosaria, Ultima Online (1997 to current)
  • Nirn, The Elder Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls Online (Beta tester, 2001 to present)
  • Tibia (2002 to present under a slightly altered name with looooong break from 2003 to 2016)
  • Sanctuary, Diablo (2002 to present)
  • Azeroth, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm (2005 to present)
  • New Britannia, Shroud of the Avatar (2013 to present, Royal Founder)
  • Kingdom Caid, SCA (2014 to 2019 under a more historically accurate name)
  • Kingdom of Atlantia, SCA (2019 to present under a more historically accurate name)

Community Activities

Kirthag's Player gets involved where she feels she can do the most good. Be it on her own websites, or various community sites dedicated to her most favored world, Sosaria.


In 1998, Kirthag read over Den Dragon's web pages for guidance on character building. As the website developed, so did Kirthag's involvement. Her first official Stratics role was as a News Reporter for the Napa Valley Shard in 2000. Her activity died down, so she resigned in 2003.

Returning to more activity in UO, Kirthag's interest in community involvement blossomed. Revisiting Stratics, she noticed drastic changes - for the site had become a "hub of gaming information" as a MMO-News site. This piqued Kirthag's Player (who has been involved in printing, publishing and marketing since the 1990s). She applied for the Vice President of Publishing position in 2013 - and was accepted.

For the sake of the community, involvement with Stratics shall not be explained in more depth here. Suffice to say, Kirthag resigned as a leader of Stratics in 2015 under friendly circumstances.


Registered in 2009 to assist with the wiki as a community member around the same time as her return to UO.