Valentines 2008

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Romantic Hideaway at Yew Waterfalls
Stuffy dwagon.jpg

Valentine's Day 2008 was quite the celebration, with the distribution of special gifts, a new romantic venue, and a live scavenger hunt. Rare pink bunnies spawned in a few hues throughout the land and the extremely rare purple bunny made limited appearances.


A special gift box was distributed to characters older than thirty days who logged on during the holiday period, containing several wonderful treasures:

  • Stuffy Animals - a tailor's name for these adorable, cotton-stuffed creations. Coming in four different designs and a variety of hues, they are a delight to snuggle with (double-click) in the comfort of your home.
  • Chocolate - a smooth, edible treasure to delight every waiting mouth. Enjoy your Dark, Milk, or White chocolate treat!
  • Valentine's Day Cards - A variety of old and new sayings. Characters double-click card and target a character of their choice to fill in the appropriate names. Each card can only be used once.
  • And what holiday would not be complete without salted meat, a Slice of Bacon was included as a gift.


3 New Books of Poetry - NPC Francis the Chapman is an enterprising scribe that sells books and other stationeries inside the Conservatory in Britain. He has recovered a number of poems from the archives of Castle British; apparently from Lord British's personal collection! They contain many strange and beautiful references to lands unknown and places unseen. Struck by their romantic beauty, Francis has created a collection of the poems, and published them himself in three volumes.

Romantic Hideaway

Yew Waterfalls -- Southeast of Justice Island on facet Trammel, next to the waterfalls, a romantic garden has been carefully cultivated for the enjoyment of young couples and lonely poets alike. A new bridge spans the falls, giving unprecedented views of the shimmering cascades of water. The area is now a guard zone to protect the safety of picnickers.

Valentines 2008 scavenger contest.jpg

Scavenger Hunt

A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt was held at the Yew Waterfalls garden. The hunt occured on each shard as follows:

  • Australia:
    • Oceania: Saturday, Feb. 16th, 6PM EST (11am local UTC)
  • Europe:
    • Europa: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 1:30PM EST (7:30pm local Western European Time zone)
    • Drachenfels: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 1:30PM (7:30pm local Western European Time zone)
  • United States:
    • Great Lakes: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 4PM EST
    • Legends: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 5PM EST
    • Atlantic: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 6PM EST
    • Sonoma: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 4PM PST
    • Origin: Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 5PM PST
    • Lake Superior: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 4PM EST
    • Catskills: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 5PM EST
    • Chesapeake: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 6PM EST
    • Baja: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 4PM PST
    • Lake Austin: Wednesday, Feb. 20th, 5PM PST
    • Siege Perilous: Thursday, Feb. 21st, 5:30 PM EST
    • Pacific: Thursday, Feb. 21st, 4PM PST
    • Napa Valley: Thursday, Feb. 21st, 5PM PST

Five lucky winners on each shard received a special Rose in a Vase entitled "2008 Valentine Hunt Champion."


The date also coincided with the new cooking branch, Chocolatiering.

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