Weaving Friendships

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Weaving Friendships

Description: (quest chain)

  • Laifem stares down at the ruins of her first carpet weaving attempt*

Hrm... I guess I thought this would be a bit easier.

  • She reaches up and twists on her ear a little, obviously deep in thought*

You know... I think I need some professional assistance! There's a tailoring shop in Vesper called, hrm. "The Spinning..." "The Spinning..." something or other. Sorry, I just don't have a head for all those clever Britannian shop names.

  • laughs*

I'm sure someone there could help, do you think you could deliver a letter of introduction for me?

Objective: All of the following: Deliver 1 Letter of Introduction Deliver to

Reward: A step closer to having access to Laifem's inventory of decorative carpets.

Upon accepting the quest, you will recieve Laifem's Letter Of Introduction.

Proceed to Vesper in Trammel. Now in Vesper there are two tailor shops, and amusingly enough both are named The Spinning Wheel. The shop you are seeking is the southern one, inside the city (as compared to the eastern one that is over the bridge and outside the city). At the southern The Spinning Wheel, you will find a weaver named Dermott; this is the NPC you are looking for. Double click him to complete this portion of the quest.

A letter? From a Gargoyle you say?

Now to the final section of the quest chain... A New Spin on Things

This article was kindly copied from Stratics [1] - and Was written by Kittykat