Wexton the Apprentice

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Moonglow in the Lyceum


  • hi/Wexton: Good day to you. My name is Wexton, assistant to Kronos.
    • assistant: I've only been in his employ for a few years now, but I have learned so much.
      • learned: Oh, things like, clean up techniques, efficiency, and speaking when spoken to.
        • clean up: You know, making sure that the working conditions are safe, clean, and organized.
    • Kronos : You have never heard of Kronos? Where have you been? He is a brilliant man.
      • brilliant : A mage of legendary skill. I am helping him with his latest creation.
        • legendary: There are few who could surpass him. NOt even a handful.
          • handful: Anon, Nystul, and oh, Sutek, could be counted among his peers in skill.
            • Anon: Lord of the Countil of Mages. Unmatched really. Don't get on his bad side.
            • Sutek: He's about Moonglow and the Lyceum quite often. Very powerful. Very powerful.
            • Nystul: Phht, I shouldn't have to explain Nystul. His name is a near synonym for Magic.
            • Clainin: No, not Clainin. Between us, Clainin is a bit overrated.
        • creation : Kronos has discovered a means to locate Blackrock with pinpoint accuracy.
          • blackrock : Exotic and valuable stuff it is. Krono's invention should be able to find it all.
            • find it: Well first it needs to be constructed. That's my job. I've got the specs, but not the parts.
              • specs: Kronos has entrusted me with these blueprints in order to build his machine.
              • constructed : The design is finished, the prototype is done, just a bit small. Now for the full version.
                • prototype: We tested out prototype extensively, it worked without a hitch. Just too small of a range.
                • small: This full version will be able to scan across the entire land. Quite a feat.
              • parts: Well you see that is where I need your assistance. I do not have time to gather them all
                • gather: Will you help me? Let me know if you can help.
                  • help : Excellent! This should be rather trivial; I just do not have time for the errands
                    • errands : First I need materials for the frame. Valorite ingots to be exact.
  • give a valorite ingot(s)(any ingot type/amount will do): Thank you. Next, a cauldron. Find one so that I can inspect it.
  • give a cauldron: This will do nicely. Many thanks. Now I need something to power the machine.
    • power : Something that can absorb and hold a good charge of energy.
  • give a golem powercore:
    • assembly: Now I just need something to help stabilize the arcane radiation that will emit from the device.
      • radiation: Our prototype did have a small radiation leak, but nothing fatal I assure you.
        • fatal: This larger version will be much more powerful, so something to absorb arcane energy is needed.
      • give an arcane Gem: Most appreciated! You have saved me so much time. I can begin work at once.
        • appreciated:I mean it, you have my sincere thanks. The machine should be up and running in the near future!