Wexton the Apprentice

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Wexton the apprentice.png

Wexton can be found in the Trammel Lycaeum, located North of Moonglow on Verity Isle. He can be found in the northern area, by the fountain and Darius the Wise. Through conversations he appears to be building some type of machine and needs certain items to do it.


Wexton responds to keywords, phrases, and items being handed to him.

Hi/Wexton: Good day to you. My name is Wexton, assistant to Kronos.

  • Assistant: I've only been in his employ for a few years now, but I have learned so much.
    • Learned: Oh, things like, clean up techniques, efficiency, and speaking when spoken to.
      • Clean Up: You know, making sure that the working conditions are safe, clean, and organized.
    • Kronos: You have never heard of Kronos? Where have you been? He is a brilliant man.
      • Brilliant: A mage of legendary skill. I am helping him with his latest creation.
        • Legendary: There are few who could surpass him. Not even a handful.
          • Handful: Anon, Nystul, and oh, Sutek, could be counted among his peers in skill.
            • Anon: Lord of the Countil of Mages. Unmatched really. Don't get on his bad side.
            • Sutek: He's about Moonglow and the Lycaeum quite often. Very powerful. Very powerful.
            • Nystul: Phht, I shouldn't have to explain Nystul. His name is a near synonym for Magic.
            • Clainin: No, not Clainin. Between us, Clainin is a bit overrated.
        • Creation: Kronos has discovered a means to locate Blackrock with pinpoint accuracy.
          • Blackrock: Exotic and valuable stuff it is. Krono's invention should be able to find it all.
            • Find It: Well first it needs to be constructed. That's my job. I've got the specs, but not the parts.
              • Specs: Kronos has entrusted me with these blueprints in order to build his machine.
              • Constructed: The design is finished, the prototype is done, just a bit small. Now for the full version.
                • Prototype: We tested out prototype extensively, it worked without a hitch. Just too small of a range.
                • Small: This full version will be able to scan across the entire land. Quite a feat.
              • Parts: Well you see that is where I need your assistance. I do not have time to gather them all
                • Gather: Will you help me? Let me know if you can help.
                  • Help: Excellent! This should be rather trivial; I just do not have time for the errands
                    • Errands: First I need materials for the frame. Valorite ingots to be exact.

Placing items on Wexton's avatar will help him complete his task.

  • Give any ingot: Thank you. Next, a cauldron. Find one so that I can inspect it.
    • Give a cauldron: This will do nicely. Many thanks. Now I need something to power the machine.
      • Power: Something that can absorb and hold a good charge of energy.
  • Give a Power Crystal: This should work well. Thanks. Only one more part and I can begin assembly.
    • Assembly: Now I just need something to help stabilize the arcane radiation that will emit from the device.
      • Radiation: Our prototype did have a small radiation leak, but nothing fatal I assure you.
        • Fatal: This larger version will be much more powerful, so something to absorb arcane energy is needed.
  • Give an Arcane Gem: Most appreciated! You have saved me so much time. I can begin work at once.
    • Appreciated: I mean it, you have my sincere thanks. The machine should be up and running in the near future!

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