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Wildfire - Haelyn
Icon wildfire.gif Mana Cost Minimum Skill Casting Delay
50 66.0 2.5
Duration 1 - 5 seconds. (Spellweaving Skill x 10) / 240, minimum 1.
Area of Effect 5 - 11 tile radius from target tile.
Arcane Focus Bonus +1 tile radius, +1 damage, and +1 second duration per additional arcanist
Description Wildfire creates a Fire Field like field, only much larger and it does not last more then a few seconds. Every valid target within the field will take damage once per second. As targets take damage, additional fire columns appear where they stand. The caster must have line of sight to the target(s) in the field in order for them to be damaged.

See Also

Minimum Skill Spellweaving Spells
0 Arcane Circle · Attunement · Gift of Renewal · Nature's Fury Flag spellweaving.gif
10 Immolating Weapon · Thunderstorm
24 Arcane Empowerment · Ethereal Voyage · Reaper Form
38 Gift of Life · Summon Fey · Summon Fiend
52 Dryad Allure · Essence of Wind
66 Wildfire
80 Word of Death