Yorus the Tinker

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Located in the Gypsy Camp East of the Ilshenar Compassion Shrine

Quest Title Details Reward
Guile, Irk, and Spite Slay 1 Guile, 1 Irk, 1 Spite
The creatures can be found in the Twisted Weald.
A strong box
Bullfighting...Sort of Slay 10 Bulls A small bag of trinkets
Forced Migration Slay 10 Birds A small bag of trinkets
A Fine Feast Slay 10 Sheep A small bag of trinkets
Overpopulation Slay 10 hinds A small bag of trinkets
A Hero in the Making Slay 10 Mongbats A small bag of trinkets
Thinning the Herd Slay 10 Goats A small bag of trinkets
They'll Eat Anything Slay 10 Pigs A small bag of trinkets
No Good, Fish Stealing ... Slay 10 Walruses A small bag of trinkets
Wild Boar Cull Slay 10 Boars A small bag of trinkets
They're Breeding Like Rabbits Slay 10 Rabbits A small bag of treasure
Assassination Contract Deliver to Yorus the Tinker, see Quest Starting Items A Bag of Treasure

  • Note on Guile, Irk, and Spite: Go West from the Spirituality gate to the cave covered with vines. Go into the cave and go into the gate that leads to the Dread Horn quest. Go North to the area past the dire wolf cave and you will find the three named changelings. They are HIGHLY dangerous. Think three mini-travestys. Strongbox loot is high intensity, so it might be worth it. It's quite a challenge, though.
  • Another note on the Guile, Irk and Spite quest: It seems like you can only do the quest once. Afterwards Yorus tells you 'I cannot offer you the quest again', and will not offer any quest.