This UO House

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This UO House is a show hosted by JC the Builder. It airs every Saturday at 6pm EST (3pm PST) and perhaps other times of the week. It can be watched at


Click on the episode number to be taken to the Youtube archive recording.

# Date Description
001 February 25, 2017 Introductory episode. Goes over the basics of house customization. Built a small 1 room example house.
002 February 28, 2017 First half is a tour of the pre-built house designs. Then a simple two-story wooden wall house design.
003 March 4, 2017 TBA

House Submissions

If you created a neat or interesting design, send it in! It may end up being featured on the show. If possible, include the house coordinates, facet and shard in case we want to visit it in-game. Send it to: Jc contact.png