AOS Launch Gift

To celebrate the Ultima Online: Age of Shadows launch the UO team offers some giveaways. This is know as the A Gift from the UO team aka AOS gift.

Each char which hasn't take this option is still able to take the following:

An special item with its char name like a sash, a rose and so on.
Also to choose a color and a special tag on it.

Then he has to choose if he would like to get a 5 point stat increase or a 5 point skill increase of several skills.
Nowadays everybody which an account which is older than 6 months, gets the stat increase for free. So if you see the following screen when you login


You can take the special item and 5 skill points in one of the following skills


Some modern skills cannot be taken like:

You can make a character copy to a Testcenter server to check out the items and if you find a needed skill.