A Monk's Robe

A Monk's Robe.png
A Monk's Robe
Weight: 1 Stone

The Monk's Robe is a specially named Hooded Shroud Of Shadows. It cannot be dyed.

For a time, it was possible to create large quantities of standard "Shadow Shrouds" using the Hooded Robe Of Umbra. The "cloned" item lowered the value of the Umbra robe as a "status symbol", and so the game developers eventually blocked the method.

However, rather then simply delete the surplus shrouds, these "lesser versions" were instead converted to brown Monk's Robes (which also became purchasable from any of the Monks at Ye Olde Winery for roughly 136gp).

Humorously, this change also affected shrouds worn by player statues, leading to many stone figures wearing the tattered brown rags.