A New Spin on Things

A New Spin on Things

This quest is part of a chain, the preceding step is Weaving Friendships and must be completed first.

Description: (quest chain)

Oh my! Now isn't this something? A Gargoyle seeking to master the ways of our humble little industry. Why, this is nothing short of inspriational!

I think I have just the thing for him. There's a book over... oh! It's a her? My apologies, I just don't have a knack for those Gargish names you know!

Regardless, please take this back to the young lady, if you would be so kind.

Best regards!

Objective: All of the following: Deliver 1 Mastering the Art of Weaving Deliver to Laifem

Reward: Access to Laifem's inventory of decorative carpets.

Take the book back to Laifem and double click her to turn it in.

This is perfect! Thank you so, so much!

  • Laifem eagerly begins reading the book while pacing about the room*

Yes, yes I see. *nods* And the loops are done in a... with mohair knots... *her fingers begin weaving idly in the air as she thinks* and then to finish off the tassels I just...

This is everything I need to begin weaving my very own decorative carpets. You see, I won't just make the larger carpets. I'm going to make them in smaller pieces that can be put together to make any size or combination! Isn't that wonderful?

After clicking continue on the quest log, you will receive the following message in the lower left of your screen:

You have succeeded in aiding Laifem's attempts to master Britannian weaving, and can now access her inventory of decorative carpets!

Congratulations! You are done with the quest and now can buy carpet pieces from Laifem.

This article was kindly copied from Stratics [1] - and Was written by Kittykat