Anselm the Paladin

Anselm the paladin.png

Anselm can be found in the Mess Hall on the Northeast side of Trinsic (Coordinates: 92o 32'S 42o 53'E). He is awaiting the arrival of Lady Aileen.


  • Aileen - Ah, yes! She asked me to gather some information for her about Council and Soldier Brain.
    • Council - There is a lot of tension and suspicion between Council and the Royal Guards.
      • Tension - There was always a certain distance due to hierarchy, but now it's greater than ever.
      • Suspicion - Since the Brian incident, people see traitors everywhere. Sadly, history proved it to be true.
        • History - You know it all too well, seeing how you are investigating the Royal Council murders.
    • Brian - He was the polite, quiet type. No one would have suspected him: in other words, the perfect mole.
      • Mole - He was spying on us on behalf of the FOA. His team had their HQ near the Castle.
        • FOA - The Followers of Armageddon, a group of lunatics, if you ask me!
        • Team - They were a little cell operating from a small farmhouse west for Britain Castle by the mountains.
          • Farmhouse - Brian's three cohorts live at the farm. So be careful going there.
            • Cohort - I'm afraid I do not remember their names. They were listed in the book Captain Avery recovered.
              • Avery - Unfortunately, he too has been missing since that deadly night.
              • Book - Last I heard of it, it was in Captain Avery's possession.

With a new lead you head to the small farmhouse which acted as Brian's Headquarters. It is the northern most one against the mountain.