Armor refinement

Armor Refinement

Phase two of the Armor Revamp will allow players to apply Refinements to non-medable armor. Armor Refinements are crafted from refinement components that can be collected from:

  • Treasure Maps
  • MiB Chests
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Pirate Vessels
  • Town shop container stealables
  • Champion Spawn Bosses

There are two methods of refining armor:

  • Reinforced - Increase max individual resist while lowering max defense chance increase by one.
  • Deflecting - Decrease max individual resist while increasing max defense chance increase by one.

Refinement Component Levels:

  • Invulnerability - Applies four modifications with a chance to apply five modifications.
  • Fortification - Applies three modifications with a chance to apply four modifications.
  • Hardening - Applies two modifications with a chance to apply three modifications.
  • Protection - Applies one modification with a chance to apply two modifications.
  • Defense - Applies one modification.

Refinement Minimums and Maximums:

  • Defense Chance Increase cap can be increased to as high as 70, or as low as 25 when raising resist caps.
  • Resist caps can be increased to as high at 75 (for elves, energy resist goes to 80), and as low as 65 when raising the DCI cap.

Refinement Component Types:

Blacksmith Armor

  • Polish (DCI) & Scour (Resists)

Tailor Armor

  • Wash (DCI) & Cure (Resists)

Carpenter Armor

  • Gloss (DCI) & Varnish (Resists)

Components can be combined with 20 raw materials available from NPC Merchants:


  • (Malleable Alloy)


  • (Leather Braid)


  • (Solvent Flask)

When combined with the appropriate raw material the crafter will create Armor Refinements that can be applied to non-medable armor:

  • Plating – Blacksmith Armor
  • Threads – Tailor Armor
  • Resin – Carpenter Armor

The components required to craft an armor refinement will be stocked in a minimum starting quantity of 500 on each vendor that sells them.


  • Using a Refinement Amalgamator you can combine lesser refinements into to greater ones.
  • Armor refinements and components are insurable.
  • GM Blacksmith, Tailoring, or Carpentry skill is required to craft an armor refinement. The refinement, however, can be applied by anyone so long as they are in the correct shop location.

Tooltips are available on refinement components and tools indicating useful information.

  • There is now a gump to assist in Armor Refinement. Specific resistance modification order can be selected from the gump.