Artifacts (Ararat)

To acquire an Ararat Artifact, you must defeat the Shadowlord (Astaroth, Faulinei or Nosfentor), who appears inside the hold of the sunken Ararat upon opening the cargo hatch.


Abhorrence.gifAbhorrence Captain Johne gargoyle.gifCaptain Johne human.gifCaptain Johne's Blade Craven gargoyle.gifCraven Equivocation human.gifEquivocation gargoyle.gifEquivocation Pincer human.gifPincer gargoyle.gifPincer


Note that the list above is based on the reports from the players and maybe incomplete. Move your mouse on the images to see the artifact's name or click on it to go to the respective page.
There are also Ararat Stealables (see there).

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