Ask & Answer No. 20

1. Question from UO Stratics (Adol)

Regarding the loot table for Charybdis, at present the few we've been able to do seem to only ever give a Regeneration Piece drop to the summoning fisher. As that's usually me, I don't know what happens for the others, but they've reported seeing a message that I get the drop. Does this mean there's nothing special on Charybdis for those who help kill him, or are there mysteries still to be found deep within the wobbly bits of this most rare of encounters?


Aside from the standard loot found on the corpse of Charybdis there is currently one piece of the Regeneration (Virtuous/Villainous) armor given out per Charybdis encounter. The system first attempts to provide the armor to the summoner if that player is within range. If that first attempt fails it then tries to provide the reward to a player on the top attacker list. If that second attempt fails then the armor is simply placed onto the corpse of Charybdis. There have actually been recent discussion on the team about adding some new and improved loot to the encounter.

2. Question from UO Stratics (Obsidian)

Do talisman slayers have any affect on caster summons? For example, if I am a mystic and have a bird slayer talisman equipped, will my Rising Colossus have slayer damage ability if I am fighting swoop? Are there any cases where talisman slayers benefit casters (mages, mystics, necros)? What about tamers or bards? The only use I can find for slayer talismans is for warrior classes and I want to verify that my info is correct. Thank you.


Slayers only benefit the object they are equipped on, which would be the player.

3. Question from UO Stratics (Gheed)

Durability loss

How is durability loss calculated on weapons and armor through wear? Does swamp dragon armor damage reduction cause armor to wear more slowly? Do resist increase refinements cause armor to wear more quickly? Does parrying cause wear to shields or weapons?


There are several ways to lose durability on equipped items. When defenders take damage there are two chances to lose durability. Attacking with a weapon will always have a chance to lose durability on the weapon . Armor chance to lose durability is 15% and weapon chance to lose scales from 15% - 65% based on weapon speed. Swamp dragon armor damage reduction does not negate durability loss. Refinements currently do not cause armor to wear more quickly. Parrying will also result in shields as well as attacker and defender weapons having a chance to lose durability.

4. Question from UO Stratics (Cycloknight)

Is modding the 2d client still against the TOS?

With the introduction of UI modding with the EC client does this mean we can modify the 2d client within the same TOS constraints as the EC client?


The Classic Client is not built for modding where as the Enchanced Client was coded for it. So the answer is no you can not alter the Classic client.

5. Question from UO Stratics (Tanivar)

Can the Enhanced Client download New Players get have Pinco's included? Since New Players are most likely going to download the Enhanced Client option, can Pinco's mods be automatically included in the game client they wind up with? The current EC client UI that New Players run into after the client download is finished is pretty basic.


We do not own Pinco’s client therefore are unable to have it available when you download the client.

6. Questions from UO Stratics (nexus)

Why do golems have blood? How come when I smack a Golem in the EC I get a nice spatter of blood? Shouldn't they be squirting hydraulic fluid or something?


We will look into the option to keep it from bleeding.

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