Britiannian Coalition Auction House

  • Owner: Tazar
  • Shard: Atlantic
  • Facet: Malas
  • Coordinates: 8°S, 0° 21'E
  • Directions: The Britiannain Auction House is located near the edge of the world on Malas. Situated near Gravewater Lake, the auction house is a series of houses tied together with a river flowing on the roof.
  • Type: Auction House
  • Operational Status: Opening for first auction on April 4, 2009 7 PM EST


1st Floor: Crafting Area

On the first floor, you will find a very simple crafting area, which allows you to pass the time away or make some quick alterations before the auction begins. On the floor, under the bear rug, is a magical transporter that will take you to the auction seating area.

2nd Floor: Gaming Room

The second floor contains a few game tables in which you can use to pass the time before the auction begins. You will find a Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, and Mahjong Board.

3rd Floor: Auction Floor

This is where the auction will take place. Billy Mays will be your auctioneer. (Insert name here) will be your item lady, and Cyr Isis is Billy Mays's security guard.


Near the auction house, you will find the Britiannian Alliance Guild Hall, where meetings are held regarding alliance business. Also, you will find a rune library rich in tons of places (Please be aware that the runehouse is still a work in progress). To the south of the auction house, you will find the houses of the great britainnian bank designer, Vladimir.

Rules of Auction

  1. Always ensure you listen to Billy Mays. If he asks you to stop spaming, then stop.
  2. No Stealth, stealing, macro spamming, projectile throwing.
  3. No spell casting of any type.
  4. No white text (Billy Mays wears glasses, and cannot see the white on his screen).
  5. No idle chatter while bidding is occuring
  6. There will be 2 different types of starting bids. One of these is a open bid. The first bid in will be considered the starting bid. The second is the minimal selling value that the seller wishes to see this item go for. Bid increments for items less then 50,000 UO Gold will be 5,000 UO Gold minimal increase. Any bid over 50,000 UO Gold but under 1 million UO gold requires a 5,000 UO Gold minimal increase. All bids over 1 million gold require a 100,000 UO Gold minimal increase.
  7. All final bids are considered to be final. If found to be bidding then leaving without paying for your item, you will be banned from the auction house.
  8. Once a final bid has arised, you will be required to purchase a book with your name and final selling value from a merchant. After this, you can deliver the book to Sparkle Seller to retrieve said item. This is done to ensure security.
  9. Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  10. We will be auctioning items for characters outside of the alliance eventually for a small fee. Please check with a member of the Britiannian Coalition for details