Atlantic:List of Repertory Books

The following is a list of all current books in the Grand Britannian Repertory library.


A Short Autobiography of Gerami

A Young Dreamer


Azalin the Lich Lord

Biography of Alessandra

Biography of Alessandra 2

Dark Mistress

Dorieann Biography

Dorieann Biography 2

History of Richard 1

History of Richard 2

History of Richard 3

History of Richard 4

History of Richard 5

History of Richard 6

History of Richard 7

History of Richard 8


My Life and the Lady Aife

Origins of Aragothias

Peoticus Maximus

Roland Deschain

Rune Artisem 1

Rune Artisem 2

The Beginnings of Aragothias

The Story of Mondain

The Story of Sir Wolfen

Ultima Online 1

Ultima Online 2

Ultima Online 3

Ultima Online 4

Vaen Swiftar 1

Vaen Swiftar 2

Vaen Swiftar 3

Vaen Swiftar 4


Daren Athlorn 1

Daren Athlorn 2

Diana: Fifth Generation Gangrel 1

Diana: Fifth Generation Gangrel 2

Diana: Fifth Generation Gangrel 3

Diana: Fifth Generation Gangrel 4

History of Pandora the Fallen

Krythan's Story 1

Krythan's Story 2

Life After WYU

My Journal


Shadow: Wraithlord 1

Shadow: Wraithlord 2

Shadow: Wraithlord 3

The Keeper of Secrets

The Origin of Kryste 1

The Origin of Kryste 2

Across the Veil

Biography of Mave Gerhart

Biography of Revenge

Britannian I am




Finth Desryn





Grandolf's Story

Halimath's Pride


History of Leshok

Intelligence - Sal Veya


Isilmea History



Lady ZDD of KMA

Lord British

My Life

My Life and My Beliefs


The Birth of Sal Veya

The History of Bal-Anon Dak

The Story of A Scribe

Books of Sosaria

A Grammar of Orcish

A Primer on Arms and Weapons

A Song of Samlethe

A Tale of Three Tribes

Beltran's Guide to Guilds

Birds of Britannia

Britannian Flora

Classic Tales of Vesper 1

Classic Children's Tales 2

Dimensional Travel, A Monograph

Ethical Hedonism

On the Diversity of Our Land

Quest of the Virtues

Regarding Llamas

Romantic Selections 1

Romantic Selections 2

Romantic Selections 3

Talking to Wisps

Taming Dragons

The Bold Stranger

The Burning of Trinsic

The Fight

The Life of a Travelling Minstrel

The Major Trade Associations

The Wild Girl of the Forest

Treatise on Alchemy

A Grammar of Orcish

A Political Call To Anarchy

A Primer on Arms and Weapons

A Song of Samlethe

A Tale of Three Tribes

Beltrans Guide to Guilds

Birds of Britannia

Britannian Flora: A Casual Guide

Classic Tales of Vesper 1

Classic Children's Tales 2

Deceit: A Dungeon of Horrors

Dimensional Travel, A Monograph

Ethical Hedonism

My Story

Quest of the Virtues

Talking to Wisps

Taming Dragons

The Bold Stranger

The Burning of Trinsic

The Fight

The Life of a Travelling Minstrel

The Major Trade Associations

The Rankings of Trades

The Shattering

The Wild Girl of the Forest

Treatise on Alchemy


Classic Studies

Big Book

Birds of Britannia

Briggio's Book

Britannian Minerals

Brommer's Fauna


Conquer the World


Devra's Recipes

Dispelling Myths

Dreams and Visions



Living Gems

Morgan's Guide

Provisioner's Guide


Strength and Ethics

The Art of the Flame

Thy Blade

Treatise on Combat


What Color


A Baker's Handbook


Apothecary's Desk

Big Book of Baking

Book of Discipline

Britannian Society

Brommer's Flora

Chicken Raising




Desk Reference

Disciplining Soldiers

Fighting is an Art



Landships of War

Magic Scrolls


Mempto Rays



Our Great Leaders



Plant Lore


Rites of Cremation

Symbol of Discipline

The Book


Trout Surprise

A Treatise

At Ease



Field Dressing

Guide to Knighthood

Guidelines of Life

Jesse's Book

Knight's Bridge

Man versus Fish


On Sorcerous Ways


Practical Jokes

Recipe Book

Ritual Magic

Structure of Order


The Big Book

The Silence

Thou Art


Vetron's Guide


Batlin's Contract

Catacomb Scroll 2

Chronicle of Pagan


Enemies of Tenebrae

Frigidazzi's Note

Gustacio's Call

History of Pagan 1

History of Pagan 2

History of Pagan 3

Leon's Note

My Diary

My Journal


Order Hierophant

Pirate Diary

Temple of Chaos

The First Age

The Second Age

The Third Age

Batlin's Note

Core of Exodus


Dupre's Letter


Filbercio's Letters

Frigidazzi's Invite

Gargoyle Like Me

Great Hierophants

Hazard's Note

Is there hope?

Iskeriss's Journal

Letter in Freedom


Lord British

Mine Experiments

My Journal

My Notebook

My Notebook


Note from Cantra

Order and Chaos

Pikeman's Diary

Scrolls Found

Serpent Isle

Shrine of Balance

Stone of Catambre


The Forest of Yew

The Lute

The True Believers

Thy Message

Torax Scroll

War of Imbalance

Beatrix's Diary

Bren's Diary

Courageous Deeds

Erax's Journal

Followers of Order

Freli's Letter

Guard Logs

Iolo's Notes


Journal of Veras

Letter from Mordea

Letter to Mordea


Marsten's Letter

Melino's Note

My Journey

My Life

Notes to Myself

Outpost Note

Pomgirdun's Letter

Ship's Logbook


Temple of Balance

The Lost Orbs

The Ophidians


A Letter

Angus' Note

Ardiniss' Note


Bentic's Journal

Captain's Report

Columna's Diary

Denizens of Caves

Denyel's Note


Erstam's Letter

Expedition Journal

Fellowship Book

Flindo's Letters

Horticultural Notes





Love Letter


Minax's Poem

My Records



Serpent Armor

Serpent Lamp Posts

The Fiends Domain

The King's Journal

The Quest

The Serpent Gate

The Shasrajah

The Voice

Book of Prophecies

Book of Prophecy

Broken Oar Inn

Catacomb Scroll

Delphynia's Answer

Diabolical Traps

Earthen Magic

Forgotten Mantras

Funeral Ceremonies

Honor Lost

Horn of the Gwani

Knight's Test

Magic Armor

Magic Candles


Parting Verses

Pendar's Treasure

Rest House


Servants of Order

Sleeping Soldier

Song of Fred

Stefano's Note


Tangled Tales

Temples of Order

Tenents of Discipline

Test of Purity

The Serpent


A Soldiers Notes


Alice in Wonderland

Aram-Dol's Tests

Civil War

Doctrine of Chaos

Gaunt's Vengeance

House of the Unicorn

Hubert's Adventure

Killer Jokes

Knights of Legend

Kodeks Benommani

Kodeks Destermur

Kodeks Rit

Kodeks Xen

Light There Will Be

Lost Book

Love Sonnets


Mysteries of Lithos


Power of Magic


Rugg's Love Letter

The Caverns

The Chaos Gate

The Crying Lute

The Magic Compass

The Romantic Lute

The Wizard of Oz

Vargaz's Stories


Xenka's Prophecies

Alagner's Book 1

Alagner's Book 2

Bone Crusher

Captain Hawk


Drinking Songs 1

Drinking Songs 2

Ear of Arricorn 1

Ear of Arricorn 2

Ear of Arricorn 3



Eye of the Boulder

Hazard's Ledger

Karnax's Diagnosis

Kodeks Benmontas

Kodeks Kir

Magic of Lothian

My Rival, My Love

Purlonio's Tale


Sleeping Bull

The Chessy Book

The Entrances

The Final Sunlight

The Sleeping Bull

The Voices of Mary

The Warrior

Tongue of Flame

Treasure Map

Tyrant Adventure

Ultimate Warrior

Water on the Cat

What is Order


Culture and Society


Are We Them


Blind Mans Outloook 2

Dinner and Tea at Elf

Dwarves and Their Ways

Electrical Power Lab

Elven Culture

Freedom Festival


House of the Gauntlet

In Defence of Orcs

In Memory

Joke Book


Mysterious Mistas

On Dwarves

Regency Event

Request of WYU

The Elf

The People

The Rise of the Citizen

The Samurai

The Solar System

Theory of the Combine

Turning Lich

WYU Supplies Current

A Blue Moon Crest

A Short Treatise on the Britannian Society

Against Materialism

Bards and Women

Citizens of Britannia

Comprehensive Gargish 1

Comprehensive Gargish 2

Dwarves 2


Elven History

Elvish 1

Elvish 2

Elvish Handbook


Join Moonglow

Kodeks Benmontas - The Book of Administration

Kodeks Benomani - The Book of Prosperity

Kodeks Xen - The Book of Family

Moonglow Town Council

Racial Integration


Structure of OSS

The Manifesto Of the Human Nation

The Path to Power 1

The Path to Power 2

The Path to Power 3

Then and Now

Union of Kathleen and Artero

Wanted: Missing Girl

Dark Lore

A Dusty Tome

Anti-Paladin Punishments

Blackened Shrines

Clans of Axruu

Clergy Of Oblivion

Codex Maleficarum 1a

Codex Maleficarum 1a2

Codex Maleficarum 1b

Codex Maleficarum 2a

Codex Maleficarum 2b

Codex Maleficarum 3

Codex Maleficarum 4

Daemon Tome

Daemonic Tome on Necromantic Skills

Doctrine of Spirit

Entropy and Oblivion

Litany of the Damned

Nosferatu: The Damned

Research Log, Wraiths

Ritual of Cursing

Seed of Lilith

The Dark Paladins

The Interrogator

The Path of Bones

The Search for Forbidden Lore

The Word of Lasombra

Book of Rituals 1

Book of Rituals 2

Book of Rituals 3

Book of Signs 1

Book of Signs 2

Book of Signs 3

Book of Signs 4

Guide to Necromantic Regeants Vol 1

Guide to Necromantic Regeants Vol 2

Mortis Sevrom 1

Mortis Sevrom 2

The Book of the Dead 1

The Book of the Dead 2

The Cainan Compact 1

The Cainan Compact 2

The Cainan Compact 3

The Dark Path 1

The Dark Path 2

The Dark Path 3

The Dark Path 4

The Dark Path 5

Vol 1: Fertile Dirt

Vol 2: Dead Wood

Vol 3: Bone

Vol 4: Blood

Vol 5: Blackmoor

A Bloodstained Tome

A Leatherbound Tome

An Ash Covered Tome

Art and Man: A Study in Mediums

Black Compendium

Blessing of War 1

Blessing of War 2

Book of Conceit

Book of Deceit

Book of Shame

Ceremony of Blessing

Charge of Lilith

Daemonology Study

Denizens of the Abyss

Explorations of the Forbidden

Forms of Execution

Kos Heb: The Frozen Wastelands

Lesser Skeletons

Necromanctic Language

Opening of the Vortex

Religion of the Damned

Tablet of Inequities

The Elixir of Death

The Fallacy of Morality

The Oblivion's Oath

The Path of Death and the Soul

The Path of Evil Revelations

The Savage Garden

The Test of Vision

A Blackened Tome, Crusted with Dried Blood

A Dark Prophecy

Codex of Nizar

Codex of Oblivion: Blood and Night

Codex of Revenance 1

Codex of Revenance 2

Codex of Revenance 3


Demonic Binding

Hand of Evil

Lands of War

Lost Daemon Relics 7

Meditations on Death 1

Necromancy: The Dark Art

Popular Interrogations

Ritual of Restoration

Spirit Speak

Terminology of Infernalism 1

Terminology of Infernalism 2

The Art of Necromancy

The Demon Bound

The Gangrel

The Liber Demonicus 1

The Liber Demonicus 2

The Nahul

The Nine Entropic Statements

The Oaths of the Anti-Paladin

The Shadow Covenant

The Will of Deamonic Forces 2

Vampire Rituals

Vampirism And Necromancy

Vampyr Gods

A Reckoning

A Tome Written in Blood

Book of Destard

Codex of Oblivion 1

Codex of Oblivion 2

Codex of Oblivion 3

Codex of Oblivion 4

Codex of Oblivion 5

Conjure Infernal

Daemonologists Guide

Grimoire of Roth

Infernal Necromancy

Journal of Entropy

Last of the Horsemen

Nature of Lloth

Ritual of Kabar

Teatise of Oblivion

The Dark Ether

The Patronus

This Immortal Coil

Transmutatio Diabolicus


A Leatherbound Tome

A Slave's Shadow

Ashlath the Fiend

Betrayel of Tragedy 2

Dark Offspring 1

Dark Offspring 2

Dark Offspring 3

Dark Offspring 4

Dark Offspring 5

Dark Offspring 6

Dark Offspring 7

Dark Offspring 8

Dark Tome

Events and Eventualities 1


Lost Daemon Relics 1

Minion of Arogothias 2


Qadi Report

Revival 1

Revival 2

Seals of Oblivion

The Black Paladin

The Breaking of a Blood Bond

The Daemon Prince

The Hall of the Clergy

The Path of Greed

The Vampire Chronicles

A Debt of Servitude

A Soul of Snow

A Tattered Journal

A Warning

Betrayal of Tragedy

Birth of a New Evil

Book of Prayers

Dark Tidings

Descent Into Madness


Eternal Darkness

Gehenna: A Proclamation


Mother Sings



The Embrace of Xavier

The Eternal Thorn

The Horsemen of Oblivion

The Raising of Beowulf

The Rebirth of a Mortal

The Seals of Oblivion

The Signs of Gehenna

The Word of Lucius

Tumorous Excrescent

Ecology and Creatures

Brommer's Fauna

Brommer's Flora


Earth Elementals


Gargoyle Treatise

Gargoyles - An Intelligent Race


Orcs - Common Orcs

Rite of Zombies

Shadow Spirits

The Ancient Wyrm

The Secret Of Daemons



A Short Treatise

A Treatise On The Lore Of Gargoyles

Daemonologists Guide


Elves, Orcs, & Others


Herbs For Healing

Kodeks Destermur


On Nightshade

Plant Lore



The Dragon Compendium

The Gargoyle Armada

Trees and then Some


Guides and Essays

A Dusty Old Tome

A Gargish Guide

Army Ranks


Chicken Raising

Comprehensive Gargish, Vol 1 Intro

Comprehensive Gargish, Vol 2 A-L

Comprehensive Gargish, Vol 3 M-Z

Crossbow Marksmanship by Iolo Fitzowen

Dealing With Flattery

Dizal's Almanac Of Good Advice

Everyday Illness

Good, Evil, And Neutral

Guide to Britannian Minerals, Precious and Semi Precious


Knights Bridge In A Nutshell

Kracken Poison

Medikal Book Vol 3

Medikal Buuk Vol 2

Necromantic Revelations

On Hunger And The Soul

Quick Fingers and Fast Foot

Rise Of Cult Worship

Rosetta Text

The Provisioner's Guide to Useful Equipment

Thou Art What Thee Eats

Torture Methods – 1

UO vs Ultima... and Our Place in it All

A Bakers Handbook

A Qualitative Study In Metaparaphilosophical Radiation

Attack Or Defend

Bagball Rules

Code of Conduct M

Converting Moongates To Thine Own Use


Druid Circle

Enchanting Items For Household Use

Golems: From Clay To Stone

Grammar Of The Wispish Language

Military Justice

Observations Of Black Rock

Official Bagball Handbook

On Botany Vol 1

On Botany Vol 2

Talking To Wisps

The Art of Field Dressing

The Joust

To All Healers

Visitors Guide To Luna


An Introduction

Ancient History of the Stormreaver Clan

Ancient History of the Stormreaver Clan

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book History

Chapter One Part 1

Chapter One Part 2

Chapter Two

Chapter Three Part 1

Chapter Three Part 2

Chapter Three Part 3

Chapter Four Part 1

Chapter Four Part 2

Chapter Four Part 3

Chronicles: Shards Galore

Chronicles: The Abyssal Colony

Chronicles: The Guardians Virtues

Chronicles: The Secrets of the Moongate

Chronicles: Virtues of Our Villains

Government 1

Government 2

Green Book 1

Green Book 2

History of Malas 1

History of Malas 2

Minoc Wars 1

Minoc Wars 2

Stonegate Recollections 1

Stonegate Recollections 2

The Corruption

The First Age of Darkness

The Second Age of Darkness

The Wheel of Time

TWT's Lore Book 1

TWT's Lore Book 2

TWT's Lore Book 3

Against the Orcs

Against the Orcs 2

Against the Orcs 3

House of the Centaur

House of the Chalice

House of the Crow

House of the Dove

House of the Eagle

House of the Gauntlet

House of the Oak

House of the Rosewood

House of the Stag

Justice for Orcs

The Fifth Order

The Gem of Immortality

The Legion War

The War of Stonegate

Yew University

Yew War 1 - The Beginning

Yew War 2 - First Battle

Yew War 3 - First Battle

Yew War 4 - Second Battle

Yew War 5 - Third Battle

Yew War 6 - Fourth Battle

Yew War 7 - Final Conquest of Yew

Avatar's Quest

Elven History

Eulogy For Ricardo


History of Ilshenar

Loviatar's Descent Into the Netherworld

News From The Past

Observations of the Shards: Excerpt

On the Topology of Shards

On Wisps and Their Language

Rebirth Separation

Special Pre Release

Studies: The Shattering

The Ascended Ones

The Burning of Trinsic

The Conclusions

The Doctrine of Chaos

The Infernal Proposal

The Ophidians

The Orcs of Yew

The Shattering Unveiled

The Stone of Castambre

The Yew Times

Warriors of Destiny

Warriors or Nature

Wilmeth's History


A Gargish Tomb

A Night of Terror!

An Archival

An Archival

An Archival

An Archival

An Archival

An Archival

An Archival

Book of Prophecy

Book of the Void

Codex of Infinite Wisdom

Elves, Orcs, & Others

Hartham's Wake

Holy Books of the Ophidians

Humanis Manifesto

Ilshenar History

Juo'nars History


On Juo'Nar

Seekers of the Wisp

Sickness In Magincia

The Book of the Fellowship

The Dark Core of Exodus

The Falling of Trinsic

The History of Stonegate

The Serpent Lamp Posts

The State of Sosaria

The Third Age of Darkness

What Lord British Said

William's Skara Speech

Yew Times 2

Journals and Letters

A Letter

A Note

A Tattered Note

A Brother's Love

A Letter Addressed to GreyPawn

A Tattered Scroll

All Orcz Reed Dis

City of Pride

Dark Tidings

Diary, Alphons Sorell

Drakov's Journal

Dru'gug [11/19]

Experimental Journal

Gol'dark Grunk [11/13]

Hamlet In Distress

Hrm... Nub Eni Orcses

Interesting Device

Journal - City of Pride

Journal [CrawWorth's Captivity]

Journal of the King of the White Dragon

Kabur's Journal

Logbook of Astelleron

Me Hab Ta Leve

Message to Molly

Molly's Note

My Christmas List

My Diaries

My Journal

My Last Confession

My Life and My Beliefs

Nel'Garak Wadda Book

Past Visions

Ramblings of an Old Man


Response to the Invasion of Nu'jelm

Slaves of Caina


The Journal, Vol 1

The Return

The Sleeping Bull - Register

TO Khyl'Dran

To My Aratoamin

Transcription of Skin

A Book Appears 1

A Book Appears 2

A Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Warning

A Worn Notebook

Addressed to Nai Asonod

An Open Letter to GreyPawn

Ancient Elv Mythica

Attention 2

Dark Tidings 2

Do You See British?

Final Words

Fropoz's Journal


Hastily Scribbed Note

I Would Like to Lead Off

Journal Entry

Journal of Narisse

Julia's Message to Dupre

Kay's Journal

Lord Rune Artisem

Mine Experiments

My Journal

Public Notice

The Journal of Garret Moore

The Khaldela

The Truth

To Molly and BWC

To My Aratoamin

To The Lich Lord

Translated Journal

Ye Royal Announcement

A Letter

A Note Signed by Steel

A Warning to Elf-Blood

By Will of Jou'Nar

Diabolical Traps, Diary


Erstams Letter

Fellow Sages

For Dupre

Intercepted Letter - Calisto Gabriel


Kronos' Journal

Last Will and Testimate


Molly Absence

My Diary

My Findings

My Journal

My Notebook

My Notebook

My Records

Nexus of Wanderers

Notes to Myself

Operation Grab Bag

Ophidian Journal

Pirate Diary

Random Notes

Research Diary

Ships Logbook

Slaves of Caina

Stormhaven Coronation

Thy Message Received

To Molly

Translated Gargoyle Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Journal

A Message

A Message

A Note

A Note

A Transcription

My Journal

New Arrival At Zoo

Save Our Seas

The World of Rebus

Khaldun Journals

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Discovery of the tomb

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch

Journal of Grimmoch


Lysander's Notebook

Lysander's Notebook

Lysander's Notebook

Lysander's Notebook

Lysander's Notebook

Lysander's Notebook

Landmarks and Locations



Empath Abbey

Hall of the World




Skara Brae

The Caverns of Freitag

The Lycaeum

The Stone of Castambre





Buccaneer's Den


Denizens of Caves

Hall of Horror





Serpent's Hold


Temples of Chaos

The Forest Of Yew

The Temple of Fate


Wilmeth Academy

Legal and Politics

A Demand for Change

An Official Document

Britannia 1

Britannia: An Essay

Concerning Kronos

Dealthegar Proclamation


Decree for Ethan Teach




Deposition of Dharzhal

Deposition of Korba

Disposition of Maggy Malone

Hear Ye Hear Ye

James M'Real Proclaim

Message from Lord Regent

Nation of Britannia

New Parchment

Pact of Friendship

Pact of Gustavius

Pledge to Free Malicite

Public Notice 2

Records of the High Court of Yew

Regency Law Changes

Regency Law Changes 2

Regency Proclamation

Rufus' Resignation

Spurned to Action

Sworn Statement

The NEED for Change

The Path of Singularity

Umbran Alliance

Verdict of Teflon Billy

Yew Constitution

A Binding Contract

A New Parchment

Azreal's Proclamation

Buccaneer's Den Pact

Charitable Organizations, Magincia

Citizens of Britain

Declaration of War

Det Yewbies Agwemint

Glory to Humanity

Guidelines and Bylaws

In Defense of Orcs

Molly's Statement


Philosophies of Oryan

Regency Call to Arms!

Regency Nomination

Soul Announcement

Subject Regency Speech

Support This Law

The Indenture

The Papua Compact

Legends and Tales

A Beggar's Tale

A Heart Torn

A Tale Told By A Bard

A Wizards Tale

Airek's Prophecies

Artuo Aspirant

By Its Cover

Darkness and Light

Halimath's Pride

Jarsali and the Treant


Live Like Dyin'

Lost Magic

People Mysteries

Plague of Despair

Six In Eternity

Strange Beasts

Strange Weapon

Tangled Tales

The Fear of Dragons

The Gargoyle Armada

The Insanity of Crowley

The Invisible Hand

The Recovery

The Valek Origin

Vargaz's Stories Of Legend

Warrior from a Strange Land

Warriors of Nature

A Book Appears Before You

Alagners Book 1

Alagners Book 2

Bows and Black Blades 2

Knights of Legend Vol 1

Navix's Recollection 1

Navix's Recollection 2

Pugs View 1

Pugs View 2

Pugs View 3

Shadows 1

Shadows 2

Shadows 3

Shadows 4

Shadows 5

Stonegate: A Play

Stonegate: A Play 2

Symptoms 1

Symptoms 2

The Attack on DKF

The Attack on DKF 2

The Casting 1

The Casting 2

The Hammer of the Stars, Article 6

The Third Age of Dreaming 1

The Third Age of Dreaming 2

The Third Age of Dreaming 3

The Third Age of Dreaming 4

The Watcher 1

The Watcher 2

To Chase the Wind 1

To Chase the Wind 2

Twin Oaks Terror 2

Verbal Abuse 1 Vol 2

A Day of Change


Art of Ballooning

Battle for the Bridge

Book of Prophecies

By Friday: The Regency's Defeat

Dark Times

Dragon's Tear

Famous Stories

Fireside Tale

Haunting Memory

History of Yew

Hubert The Lion

Justice Served

Meditations Of Magic

Nostur'yl NO Stur'yl

On Alarin

One Week Later

Shaman's Prophecies

Soul All

The Fate of Men

The Great Observation

The Horseman

The New Enemies

The Poet's Epilogue

Trip to Hythloth

Whispers of the Night

Magic and Spells

A Dusty Old Tome

Alchemy and Creation

An Old Orcish Tome


Elemental Daemon Spell

Experimental Spells

Laboratory Text: Stone to Flesh 1

Laboratory Text: Stone to Flesh 2

Magicians and the Sacred

Ritual of Reunification

The Book of Mystic Wisdom

The Ritual

Why? (Creating A Spell)

Antidote Formula

Blackened Shrines

Casting out the Fly

Conjure Infernal

Defence Against Magic

Early Magics

Earthen Magic


Mage Legion

Magic Candles

Magic Scrolls, a Primer

Misunderstood Armageddon

Pagan Magicks

Rare Spells 1

Rare Spells 2

Ritual Magic

Poetry and Song

A Leatherbound Tome

A Parting of Ways

A Poem

A Poem

A Poem of People

A Year Or a Day

An Anthology

Bawdy Poetry

Collection of Works

Days and Evenings

Fairy Land

Happy Halloween

Isk as a Patron


Love Sonnets



Song of Compassion

Song of Honesty

Song of Honor

Song of Justice

Song of Sacrifice

Song of Spirituality

Song of Valor

Song of Rashar

Tavern Songs

The Journal 1

The Red Wisp

The Trident of Pride

The Valier of the Star

The Words of a Friend

Ubertino's Songbook

Un Mot, A Song

What Memories Cry


Battle of Willowford


Echo Verses

Just A Book

Listen Well



Montaz, Duergar Bard




Oh Woe Is Britannia

Parting Verses

Perfect Harmony

Spirits of the Dead

Stonegate: A Play

Stonegate: A Play 2

The Art of Love

The Bells

The Cremation of Sam McGee

The Greedy Life

The Lullaby

The Owl and The Pussycat

The Raven 1

The Raven 2

Tome of Love

Tome of the Forest

What The Moon Brings

What Would Poet Do?

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Outpost #9 Log

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Ponderings On Purpose 1

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Spirituality Prayer

The Heresy

The Mecha View of the Universe

The Most Gracious

The Quest of the Avatar

The Silence of Chastity

The Void

To Find Wisdom

Truth, Courage, Love

What the Virtues Mean to Me

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Human Modification

Keep Your Soul

Kodeks Kir - The Book of Circles

Lifting the Veil

Musings of Justice

Pride and the Virtues

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Sosaria's Moral Decline

The Code of the Knight

The Nature of Balance

The Springs of Virtue

The Trident of Pride

The Virtues

Virtue: The Play

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Alice In Wonderland

A Treatise On The Lore Of Gargoyles

Baldwin's Big Book Of Baking

Crossbow Marksmanship by Iolo Fitzowen

Dilzal's Almanac Of Good Advice

Hubert's Hair Raising Adventure

Knights of Legend, Volume I

Kodeks Benmontas

Kodeks Benommani

Kodeks Destermur

Kodeks Kir

Kodeks Rit

Kodeks Xen

Logbook Of The Empire

Of Dreams And Visions

Plans For The Construction Of A Hot Air Balloon

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Snilwit's Big Book Of Boardgame Strategy

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The Book of Administration

The Book of Circles

The Book of Family

The Book of Prosperity

The Book of Ritual

The Book Of Spirituality

The Book of The Underworld

The Caverns of Freitag

The Codex of Infinite Wisdom

The First Age of Darkness

The Lost Book Of Mantras

The Quest of the Avatar

The Second Age of Darkness

The Third Age of Darkness

The Wizard Of Oz

Warriors Of Destiny


Ye Lost Art Of Ballooning

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Chronicle of the Gargoyle Queen Vol. 1

Chronicle of the Gargoyle Queen Vol. 2

Chronicle of the Gargoyle Queen Vol. 3

Gargish Document - In Memory

Gargish Document - On the Void

Gargish Document - The Challenge Rite

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I Survived Summerfest

No One Never Not

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Order of the Dragonfish Handbook, Part 1

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Halston Montil

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Lord Blackthorn Up To?

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Of the Land

Royal Decree

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The Black Swan

The Color in the Light

The Fifth Order

The Travels of Fedoso 41

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The Ways of the Druid

The Weapon Upstairs

Unbinding Spell

Wall Carving One

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Where are we going?

Words of Power

A Book of Stone

A Horrible Truth

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A Mortal End

All That Remains

An Old Scroll

An Ominous Statement

Ancient Scroll

Battle of the Wyrm

Case #4-73B

Christmas Poem

Dallbens Reunion

Final Thoughts

From Akalabeth To

Gargoyles and Virtue

Hartham A Biography

History of the Abyss

Hunting the Zog Cabal

I Waunder

Ilshenar History


Lands of Sareni Part 1

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Memoirs of a Footpad


Ode to the Robed Ones

Of Honesty


Relvinian Hedge Maze

The Model

The Time Lord

Wisp Conference

Word of Lowyatar

A Dark Prophecy

A Discreet Invitation

A Forgotten Art

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Barton in Atlantic

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 0

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 1

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 2

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 3

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 4

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 5

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 6

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 7

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 8

CrawWorth Expedition - Day 9

Drow Language

G'Thunk and G'Splat

Hope for AotA

Journal of My Travels

Just a Young Archer


Longevity Potion


Obeyance Sermon

Ode to Alisolita


Rememberance: A Euology

Ritual of Cloning


Spells of the Dark Art

The Dow, Exotics

The Life of Raistlan

The Skull of Power

A Bard's Tale 1

A Bard's Tale 2

A Battle for Trinsic

A Lament for Gunther

A Nice Story

A Note from Ricardo

A Request

Battle of Trinsic

Beer Beer Beer

Dance with Malabelle

For I Have Wandered

Hymn of Discord

In Search of Brigit

Juo'nar's Entrance 1

Juo'nar's Entrance 2

Just a Simple Mason

Knights Tale

Matt's Tale Vol 1

Matt's Tale Vol 2

Matt's Tale Vol 3

Matt's Tale Vol 4

Minax the Enchantress

Night Before Christmas



Rovan's Diary

Sir Dupre's Quest


Taking Over Trinsic

The Death Song

The Drunken Teachings

The Tale of Toadtown

Untitled 1

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A Battered Diary

A Finely Crafted Tome

A Tale of Two Seas

Ballad of the Shattered Stones

Daemon Phakebrus Has Fallen

Gem of Immortality

Haranavel Koehlanna

Horror from the Crypt

Jarsali and the Treant

Journal of the Crazed


Queen Rose of Arania

Recipes (or so it says)

Shades O' Grey

Shadow Stalkers

Tales of Virtue: Honor 1

Tales of Virtue: Honor 2

Terraknight Chronicles Vol 1

Terraknight Chronicles Vol 2

Terraknight Chronicles Vol 3

Terraknight Chronicles Vol 4

The Art of Love

The Britain Bugle 1

The Britain Bugle 2

The Britain Bugle 3

The Britain Bugle 4

The Goddess's Home

The Great Cataclysm

The Lich of East Yew 1

The Lich of East Yew 2

The Rituals of Calling

The Sickness

Tormented Desire


Yew Militia Captain

A Lady's Journal

A Moment in Time

A New World

A Note to my Slave

A Shanty

A Vigil Dawns

Bonny Portmore

Danny Boy

His Death Penalty

Impure Bloodlines

Interview with Prince Rowan 1

Interview with Prince Rowan 2

Isk's Will

Khay'Thall's Sayings

Nocturne Sol Invictus

Quest of Valadar

Racial Integration

Ride With Me


Seven Habits of Highly

Sky and Blood

The Blood Lurker

The Heram

The Lady of Shallot

The Midnite Orchid

The Orc

The Song of the Dove

The Soul of the Forest

Three Ravens

Upon Whistling Winds

Uther's Journal

Vampire Theory

Verbal Abuse

Whatever You See