BNN: A Momentary Rest

June 14, 1999

While bandits in Buccaneer's Den were enjoying a much deserved break from their day-to-day toil and diligence a surprise attack was launched by brave citizens.

Acting on information found out which detailed the meeting of the brigands, the brave men headed to Buccaneer's Den.

They encountered the brigands at the bath house while their leader was taking a bath. They surprised the bandits and lept forth in the name of Justice amongst cries from the bandits of 'Wait, wait a minute'. Preferring to fight to the death rather than surrender the lead brigand jumped from the bath, naked, and armed himself with a halberd that was leaning on the wall. The lead brigand managed to kill several of the attackers but regardless of this the battle was brief and the bandits, were quickly overcome. Clifford, a resident local thief who ransacked the brigands' bodies for loot, thought the brigand leader worthly of praise as indeed there was only a halberd to loot off his otherwise naked corpse.

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