BNN: A Quest for the Truth

Menzzobaanea, Seeker of Truth Feb 2 2007 7:18PM

As I write this, evil times are before us, but I’m confident the hearts of our people shall persevere. Though the days grow darker, there are many who still seek the light of Truth, for it is Truth that lends our arts the power to overcome all evil, if we but trust in it.

But what is Truth, you might ask?

Truth is that which is inherent in all things. It is the truth that we discover when we are able to see clearly, free from other distractions. As Lord British once wrote in the book titled Virtue, “Truth alone becomes Honesty, for without honesty between our people, how can we build the trust that is needed to maximize our successes? Truth tempered by Love gives us Justice, for only in a loving search for the truth can one dispense fair Justice, rather than create a cold and callous people. Courage and Truth give us Honor, great knights know this well, that chivalric honor can be found by adhering to this code of conduct.”

It is thus more than a mere symbol that we have lost in the Book of Truth; it is a necessary constituent of the very fabric of our way of life. Though the task of retrieving it is monumental and the risk grave indeed, we must continue to bravely venture forth until that which has been taken from us all has been restored to its rightful place.

Finally, my fellow seekers, let it be known that the brave soul who recovers the actual Book of Truth will be forever known for that great deed, his or her name immortalized in stone for all to see. Though we certainly do not wish to foster pride, we would be foolish not to honor the true heroes in our midst as exemplars of the Virtues

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