BNN: A Time of Mourning

February 22, 2011

Slowly Sherry climbed up upon the table bearing the marble coffin. Within the coffin held the body of her beloved friend Dawn. Tears slowly ran down into her whiskers as she curled up in one of the flowers that adorned both sides. She could not believe that Dawn was now dead. It was just moments ago it seemed, that she had confided in Sherry, telling her of the plans of the sword and how hopefully it would work and Virtuebane would be eliminated.

She had spoke of her concern and love for Ors, why he had not been found. How she wanted to lead a search for him, but her kingdom needed her in this time of unrest and chaos. She had chosen to lead her kingdom and eliminate the oppressive foe, and yet it had been she that had taken the final blow, by her husbands hand. He who had been under Virtuebane’s spell, and he who had taken his own life after being released from his mind bond, after seeing his beloved wife lying at his feet, dead from his hand.

Through the evening, Sherry watched as people from all lands, came to pay respect to Dawn. She watched as Dasha, Dawn's close friend, had come in, laid her her hand gently on top of the Marble coffin and softly spoke a prayer in the ancient language of the Meer. She saw Queen Zhah walk solemnly toward the coffin, her great head bowed. She gently lay her taloned hand upon it and spoke softly, Your death will not be forgotten, Your enemies become my enemies,Your death shall be avenged by your countrymen and friends. Fare well Queen Dawn. Following Zhah Sherry observed Uskadesh Zhah’s Minster of War lower his head with a slight smirk on his face, Sherry thought to herself what a strange reaction.

All through the long evening Sherry watched and stayed by Dawn's body. Too saddened to leave the one person who had believed in her. What the coming days would bring, she did not know. Exhausted from her tears, Sherry curled up next to the coffin that held her friend and Queen, Dawn the Valiant, and slept.

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