BNN: Al'Cedra and the Ides of November

Simon the Scribe Nov 26 2000 10:48PM

Three months ago, a gypsy legend was investigated, and found to be true. The legend was of an ancient and wise dragon who had a lair within the mountains that had been hidden for generations. A search found the lair, at least temporarily. Each month, on the first day of the month, and on the few days preceding it, the search begins anew for the entrance to the lair.

The trial is mostly by wit, though combat can sometimes be involved. It is run in two or three stages, so that it can be fair to all who wish to participate, since the wisdom of Al'Cedra, the ancient dragon, decreed that only the best should actually reach the lair. At the end of the quest, only one person each month is named Master of the Word, if they can answer all of the riddles correctly. A sash with the title is awarded by Al'Cedra to the winner.

All are welcome to try their hand at finding their way to the lair, but only the first to answer the riddles will receive the sash.

The ides of November have passed, dear reader, and now the first of December approaches. So… what news do I have, you ask? This is a most puzzling bit of news, as it seems that the dragon Al’Sarin runs this month’s quest. His is the way of the mind, and he has set about strewing the countryside with clues, it seems. All that I can tell you is that you must begin your search in the small city of Magincia upon the 28th, where you must find someone who will send you upon your way. If you do not hasten on your way, the lists will close, and you will not be able to continue upon the next part of the journey.

Three have now won the honor of Master of the Word: Dogei Matur, Misha Andone, and last month Wolfsbane of KLT solved the riddles. Who will win this time? Perhaps it will be you, dear reader, or a friend of yours. But you must exercise all your wit and wisdom for this one. Al’Sarin is a clever and crafty dragon. The trail will not be easy to follow, and only the best will end up in the lair of the dragon upon the evening of December 1st.

Good luck to each and all! The honor of Master of the Word awaits.

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