BNN: Dark Alliance Forms!

Bethsainda Ariaachas Feb 11 2001 11:47PM

Dear readers, I fear that the news I have to bring you this time is dire indeed! I was with a caravan of trade merchants journeying from Yew to Britain, and suddenly in our midst appeared a fearsome and odd skinned orc. He spoke the human language fluently and said his name was Frabagor. He gave me the document you read in this article, and then, to emphasize his demands, slaughtered two of the caravan merchants before my very eyes!

He assured me that the same fate awaited me if I did not make sure that this document reached my readers. Truly, the creature’s threat is not the reason that I convey this information to you, the good citizens of Britannia. Instead I deliver this news as my duty to the realm – most especially when the very safety of the populace is at stake. I fear we are all in for a dark time indeed.

Here is the document he gave me, word for word:

Under the tutelage of Frabagor, the orcs attempted, without success, to create a treaty with the humans. Within a few weeks time, both the towns of Deepwater and Spiritwood allowed an orc to be murdered within the confines of their borders, after stating that they would defend and protect the innocent orcs who came there to study human habits and learn. The orc lil’wuns were brutally slain at the hands as others stood by and watched.

As a result of these incidents and others, we hereby issue this Dark Alliance Manifesto, inviting all in the land to join us in establishing true order within our homeland. A meeting is planned for Sunday night, the 25th of February in the town of Nohkmahr upon the roof of the tower. All who wish to stand up against the forces of oppression and the weak rule of the so-called “good” of this land, join us and swear your allegiance!

The following Orcish Alliance, now titled Dark Alliance, Manifesto is hereby put into effect:

Whereas the various races and people, maligned and misunderstood, have been the victim of treachery and of murder of the herein mentioned good people of this land…

Whereas the strong of this world, of all races and of all creeds are the true people of and by nature suited to rule and maintain order…

Whereas the aforementioned good people of this world have taken it upon themselves to brand us and show no respect for our rights and traditions…

Whereas the breaking of treaties is just one more insult added to the many we have had to endure…

Whereas the very ones who speak of and say they wish peace, attack us when we seek it, and kill us who only sought to better ourselves and enlighten ourselves…

WE, the self-proclaimed Dark Alliance, do hereby state that we, as rightful rulers and being of superior might, shall no longer be victims of a system we did not create, and that is not fair to us and others of our ilk. We shall from this day forward take our rightful place in the world, no longer to be ruled over or dictated to by the weak, the sniveling, the cowardly, the irresolute, the self-righteous or self-styled leaders and rulers of this land. With the coming of the mighty Daregard shall we set forth our terms to all who live in this land, who shall give respect and tribute to us, or shall perish in the wind of our swords severing their lives from them if they do not comply.

The orc fort will be our headquarters and no violation of it by the aforementioned good folk of the land will be tolerated. Guards will be posted and measures taken to ensure our safety if need be.

BE WARNED, a new era is indeed coming.

That is it dear readers. Time to batten down the hatches, lock the doors, and get out the crossbows. Rough seas ahead!

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