BNN: Demise of the Defiler

By Vincent Hatcher August 3, 2011 16:49 EST

It had all come down to this.

Zhah took a deep breath and reached into the pouch at her side. Pulling out a bottle, she stared at the dark, murky liquid within. It looked as disgusting as it smelled and, undoubtedly, would probably taste the same. The various components they had mixed during the empowerment ritual had created the substance and, if the ancient documents were true, it would grant her enough temporary power to destroy the Defiler’s protective poison shield.

Steeling herself, she popped the cork held the bottle up to her lips, drinking deeply. The potion was vile, and her initial reaction was to vomit. But she drank it all, dropping the bottle to the ground. Warmth flowed through her body as the potion began to take effect. She felt stronger, almost intoxicated, as power coursed through her very being.

It was time.

Stepping forward, she raised her staff, pointing it towards the imprisoned Defiler. The small army of adventurers that had chosen to stand and fight beside her tensed in unison, preparing for battle.

Summoning the power from within, Zhah sent out tendrils of her power and connected with the stasis spell that imprisoned Scelestus and her daughter. She could feel the brittleness of the spell even more now, and she knew that they had arrived with only moments to spare. Had they arrived even slightly later, the Defiler would have been able to escape the prison and return to the Void to recover and plan his next assault.

Making sure that the tendrils of her power were all in place, Zhah concentrated intently and pulled them back with all of her might. There was a loud popping and crackling sound throughout the small island as the remaining fragments of the prison, barely holding together, shattered completely. Suddenly, where two statues had previously stood, there was an extremely angry and slightly stunned demon and an unconscious female gargoyle. Zhah had to suppress the instinctual reaction to run to Rhista; that would need to wait.

The Defiler, shocked from the suddenness of the broken spell, turned his head and glared at Zhah. Growling, he raised his hand, pointing at her.

"You….foolish insect! I hope you enjoyed playing Queen. You only delayed the inevitable, and I have had a thousand years to plan how you will die."

Zhah shook her head, confidence flaring in her eyes.

"I think not, daemon. You will not be so arrogant when you are just as vulnerable as I."

Before he could respond, Zhah raised her staff once more, aiming it directly at the Defiler. Mustering her full power, she cast a bolt of brilliant, purple light at him, screaming:

"In Vas Mani Hur!"

Before he could react, Scelestus was suddenly enveloped in the purple light. It encompassed him completely, and the daemon’s body glittered as the cleansing spell, empowered by the ancient ritual, slowly ate away at his poison barrier. Knowing she did not have much time before the spell was complete, Zhah ran forward to Rhista’s side.

Rhista’s eyes fluttered, and she stared up at Zhah.


Zhah smiled.

"Yes, my dear, it's me. Can you stand, and walk?"

"I-I think so."

"Good. You must, and quickly."

Nodding, Rhista got to her feet with Zhah’s assistance. The Gargoyle Queen quickly spoke a few words, and a portal opened up in front of them.

"Go, Rhista. Prugyilonus and my Guard Captain await you on the other side, and will take you to where you can rest. I will come to you as soon as I am done here."

The princess nodded, and glanced over at Scelestus, who was still under the final throes of the cleansing spell. She cautiously stepped forward, balancing herself, and walked through the portal. Zhah closed it behind her, and turned her attentions back to the daemon.

The purple light faded, and Scelestus ceased his struggling. He stared at his arms and body, which was covered in burns from the cleansing magic. He seemed shocked, as if he had never been harmed before.

Zhah turned to the adventurers that had accompanied her, and raised her staff above her head. It blazed brilliantly with her power.

"Now! He is vulnerable. Today, the Defiler’s shadow over Ter Mur will be removed forever!"

A loud cheer rang out among the group, and the battle began.

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