BNN: Fairgrounds to Open in Two Days!

Lilia Newsman Nov 22 2000 6:18PM

The Jollier Fairgrounds have been completed and are scheduled to be opened to the public in two days. Wagonloads of supplies still continue to arrive even as the finishing touches are put on the place. A play by a local playwright is scheduled for the evening, which will kick off the opening of the fair.

The Event Schedule is as follows:

"Rustics Play" 8pm CST
Cow Tipping and Archery contest 10pm CST - hosted by TUR

Bardic Circle 1pm CST
Drunken Darts (and assorted games) 3pm CST
Whack-A-Rat 5pm CST
Man vs. Monster PvM 6pm CST
Riddle Quest 8pm CST

Poetry Contest 1pm CST
Smithing Contest 3pm CST
Horse Race (bring your own horse) 5pm CST
Man vs Monster PvM 7pm CST

Locals are encouraged to host events of their own. Bard Elise will be keeping a schedule of who would like to host what event. The fairgrounds will be open and running, day and night, through the weekend.

If you'd like to take part in the Faire, you can find the Fairegrounds on the north farm on Skara Brae's mainland. The Faire's opening celebration will occur on Friday, November 24th, at 8:00pm CST.

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