BNN: Lumberjack's Wife Kidnapped by Cultists

Erik Boranes September 19, 1999

This Sunday morning, two men burst into the hut of Tenn Yerin, a lumberjack in Yew, and kidnapped his beautiful wife Asa. They rode off before the poor lumberjack was able to do anything to stop them. The kidnappers, named Jemann and Wail, are rumoured to belong to a group called the “Soldiers of the Flame”.

Further investigations by a group of adventurers revealed that the kidnappers were going to meet a certain Fret, one of the harbormasters in Britain. While being questioned he suddenly lost his grip on sanity and attacked a person who did nothing more than throw some water at him. Needless to say, he was brought to justice by one of the town guards. On his corpse a book with strange numbers was discovered that Seer Illuceus, who happened to be present, identified as an old naval system of recording coordinates.

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Arriving at the location given in the book the group found the two kidnappers Jemann and Wail who were just about to sacrifice Asa Yerin in a yet unknown ritual by means of setting fire to her. But as the adventurers made their way through the doors of the temple, they quickly changed their minds and chose to recall away to an unknown location - Not without leaving a final gift to those who interrupted their ritual though; it became quite clear why they call themselves “Soldiers of the Flame” as fire elementals appeared at every corner of the temple and attacked the adventurers. After beating those back, Asa was finally released to safety and returned to Yew.

Investigations about the cultist are already underway in every major city of Britannia and should provide first results soon.

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