BNN: Mongbat Swarm Exterminated

Donovan, Reporter Oct 29 2000 4:06PM

The Mongbat population of Western Britannia was significantly reduced, recently, when Waylon, a Game Warden from Skara Brae led a small force into the mountains which surround the Dungeon Shame. Their mission was simple: Eradicate the Mongbats before they could threaten Yew’s harvests.

The expedition departed Skara Brae and made its way magically to the woods south of Yew, a good distance from the pass where the Mongbats were the thickest. From that distance the mountaintop seemed alive, as a sea of Mongbats swarmed atop it. As the group entered the pass, the Mongbats flew down from the peak and began to attack. Things went well at first, the Mongbats being cut down before they could cause any damage. Yet, slowly, their numbers began to build and at last the warriors could not stem the tide of creatures. There were simply too many of them, and for each one slain ten took its place. In a matter of moments, the pass was filled wall-to-wall with the creatures.

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The warriors would advance, only to find themselves surrounded and nearly brought down by the sheer weight of numbers. After several pushes forward and subsequent retreats, the small group at last entered the cave within the pass and were set upon by a teeming horde of the small, bat-like creatures. As some held the door, others advanced deep into the cave, slaying all the Mongbats found there. Then they returned to the mouth of the cave and pushed outwards. At last, the mountain was quiet. The Mongbats were quiet, and carpeted the floor of the pass in a leathery mass. Every last creature had been slain!

Observers estimate the total population of this swarm somewhere in the area of two-thousand creatures. Yet, there are more swarms hiding within the forests, upon the mountains, and beneath the ground. They represent a serious financial, ecological, and physical threat. Britannia will have to rethink its opinion of the Mongbat.

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