BNN: Rilla's Prophecy

Bethsainda Ariaachas Aug 29 2000 6:19PM

Well readers, listen to this! That gypsy lady who lives in the camp over by Minoc has looked into the crystal to divine the mysteries of this ancient Trammel dragon, Al’Cedra, that has everyone whispering rumors and sharing news as of late. Now, mind you, I take no stock in prophecies, but I thought I would convey the message in any case. Here is the riddle that she has revealed:

In a city of stone,
Once proud, twice fallen
Stands a sentinel
Who holds the secret
The way is barred
By ancient sigil
And only those who know
Can enter the lair
Once open to all
Now hidden in the mists
Til the brave uncover
Its mysteries
With a word

Well, you know, if the oracles did not speak in such strange words, maybe we could understand what they meant! But you, dear reader, may be smarter than I!

Do not forget that the story that Sardisha, the gypsy, told said that this Al’Cedra has a lair that may be entered only on the new eve, the first, of each month. You will be presented with some difficult riddles, and rumours say that there are anywhere between five and ten of the little conundrums. So sharpen your wit, and your eyes, and get cracking!

No mystery should stay a mystery forever, and you, my faithful readers, should get out there and unravel this one!

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