BNN: Strange Clientele in the Vesper Magic Shop

Orig the journalist Jul 17 2000 2:41PM

All week long the Vesper citizens have been speaking about walking corpses entering their town. Being the hard-working reporter that I am, I traveled to Vesper to investigate this matter.

Unfortunately, I could not see one of these creatures with my own eyes so I asked around a bit and I did manage to get a general description of the creatures.

Apparently to some it is taller than an average man. Some say its skin is black as ash, but according to others it is as red as blood. What they all seem to agree on is where the creatures are going. The monsters try to make their way into the magic shop east of the Vesper bank.

Eyewitnesses say the monsters then hand a note to one of the shopkeepers. Of course the shopkeepers are terrified and do whatever is on the note. The note appears to be nothing more than a list of reagents. The mages give the creature what it wants and afterwards it pays them with a bag full of gold! The eyewitness could not tell me what happened next, but I assume the monster must have returned home, wherever that may be.

Other sources tell me strange things are happening at the Vesper cemetary. I wouldn't be surprised if it were these creatures that are the cause of it.

I will try to find out more about these strange happenings and you will hear from me when I do!

Orig the journalist

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