BNN: The Six

Draconi and Kilandra Jun 23 2008 1:47PM

He despised the cold.

Ice sliced through the air in silver streams, shrieking past the solitary figure atop the snowcapped peak. The Serpent's Spine coiled below him, its sinuous peaks and valleys dividing half the seeming world. He closed his eyes.

It seethed with malice, a chaotic surge of destruction that felt both familiar and new. The dungeon buried in its depths held things, he knew, that his kind sought. Perhaps it was there, perhaps it was not, this thing he had been sent to find, but it didn't matter. He would descend.

A woman appeared next to him, the only herald of her arrival being the sudden shift in the wind's pitch as it parted furiously in dark smoke around her. Scarlet hair whipped around in the bitter air, and her dark, metallic armor looked ill-equipped to shield her from the frost forming at her feet. Yet she stood there, regarding him easily.

"Myxkion." She waited.
"They're in my way," he replied, without turning towards her.

She looked down at the small, green glade nestled below. It was a tiny valley outside some sort of cave entrance. A small pond was surrounded by sporadic movement, and she looked back up to him, an eyebrow shifting in amusement.

"Tell me, would it not be better if we just wiped them out?" He nodded to himself. "Look at them. They *scurry*."

She laughed – with a harmony that would make the finest instrument jealous. Myxkion's ears enjoyed the familiar song. Then the bitter reminder of where he was gnawed at him with frost laden fangs. The only thing that annoyed him more than the cold, was the small camp of ignorant people down below, going about what, he felt, were their meaningless lives.

"I could destroy them all with a snap of my fingers," he mused.

The fair maiden's laugh stopping slowing into a teeming smile. "Don’t forget who and what you are, Myxion. There's no need for that – simply kill those in your way and focus on our goals."

She paused for a moment to gauge his reaction.

"We don’t need the unnecessary attention. But if they’re distracting you, then by all means, do it. Our ally grows impatient."

The words rang true, increasing his annoyance.

The wind died and a ball of crimson flame appeared in front of the man. The ground steamed where snow been packed inches thick moments before, and tendrils of fire licked the air around them.

The burning missile grew smaller as it shot down towards the encampment. A flash of light marked its impact, followed by a giant plume of angry smoke and ash. The shockwave carried with it the sounds that had traveled last of all back to the ears of the two steadfast strangers, up and above the chaos.

"You didn’t snap your finger," the woman playfully mocked her companion.

Below them, a few tiny figures fled the unfolding disaster.

"How silly of me to forget..." He snapped his fingers, and several more spheres of violent flame came to life.

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