BNN: The Truth Shall Be Revealed!

Madam Modavia, Legendary Bard Mar 9 2007 4:04PM

“Master Leurocian! “ Senior Royal Archmage Zorla looked in amazement as her former mentor walked into her evening chamber. “I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon,” Zorla coyly smiled.

“It’s good to see you again as well, Zorla.” Leurocian smiled. “You know I cannot stay away from Britannia for long with such foul plotting and dark sorcery afoot.”

“I take it you have heard about the recent events, what happened to Goran, and the Book of Truth?” Zorla asked.

Zorla’s gaze never left Leurocian’s chestnut brown eyes. He had a certain otherworldly appearance to him. While looking like a handsome blond-haired man in his middle years, his eyes depicted someone who had lived far longer. One day, she hoped to achieve such stature and prestige as an Archmage.

“Yes, I heard that he succumbed to dark forces, very powerful dark forces of which we must not speak, even in this private chamber.” Leurocian answered. “However, both you and I know that he isn’t gone, just metaphysically detained elsewhere.”

“I’m suspecting you are correct, master.” Zorla and Leurocian looked away from each other as they momentarily shared silence. Zorla’s iridescent eyes glistened in the moonlight that trickled in through a nearby window. She nervously began running her fingers through her long raven black hair while reflecting on the recent events.

“I spoke with Menzzobaanea earlier today.” Leurocian broke the silence.

Zorla listened intently, raising her gaze to once again meet his. Her nervousness quickly subsided.

“Menzzobaanea informed me that Books of Truth are being turned in by adventurers in fewer numbers now. The real Book of Truth should be discovered soon. I have shared with her ancient Words of Power from a most sacred source of knowledge that should aid in revealing the identity of the real Book of Truth.”

“This is indeed excellent news.” Zorla exclaimed. "On behalf of the Britannian Royal Guard, I offer our sincerest thanks, master Leurocian.”

“Fear not, Lady Zorla,” Leurocian smiled as he took her hand. “In the end, things will change for the better. Britannia is about to enter a new Age of Enlightenment. You will see. We will all see.”

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