BNN: Undead Attack Defeated in Trinsic

PD Harris January 10, 2000

The normally bustling city of Trinsic awoke early Saturday morning to find an invasion of the undead fully underway. Bone knights accompanied by Skeletal Mages led the army of the damned, which consisted mainly of skeletons, wraiths, and specters on a siege that lasted quite sometime. This reporter stepped out of the Rusty Anchor Inn to find myself in the middle of the onslaught. Having heard that the pen is mightier the sword I paused for a moment, then decided not to test that theory as I looked for a safe spot to watch the story unfold.

Seeing how wide spread the attack was, and planning to outmaneuver the living impaired, I roamed the length and width of Trinsic on foot. Around every corner I found more groupings of the skinless ones, with the town guards standing with blank expressionless stares upon their faces. Powers greater then that of the skeletal mages must have been at work to completely disable the towns' first line of defense so completely.

As the guards stood eerily still the citizens took to arms. Defending their city with anything they could find, they began beating the invaders back into the ground from whence they had spawned. Remains could be seen far and wide as the undead started to withdraw from the city limits. It looked as though they had underestimated the tenacity of the residents of Trinsic as the last ghostly wail could be heard echoing of the cities bricked walls.

There was much rejoicing to be heard as the cleanup crews came out to clear the streets of the unholy foul remains. Small children rummaged along side of their parents, taking anything of value they could find as a souvenir of the day's events. The guards came out of their stupor and looked around in amazement at what the citizens had accomplished.

I'm sure the city of Trinsic has not seen the last of this mysterious attack. Who or what that is behind this, and strikingly similar attacks in other cities around Britannia, is not yet known. One thing is certain though, when the next wave of attacks start, the citizenry of Trinsic will be prepared.

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