BNN: Vergil the Barber

Markuss May 4, 1998

Today one of Lord British's Royal Barbers ventured to Trinsic and opened a small barbershop in the Trinsic Meeting Hall. Many an adventurer flocked to see this wizard of fashion work his magic. Hair was lengthened or shortened by the use of Magic Scissors and Elixirs. Beards and mustache were shaven or grown with in seconds. Vergil's skill brought happiness to many a citizen, and because of this Lord British has asked that Vergil take up cutting the populaces hair.

Vergil said that he would travel from town to town and open small traveling barbershops for short periods of time. So if ye see this kind man and his bag of magic elixirs and scissors, give him a warm "Hail to thee" or a smile and a wave. He give us the ability to change our appearance, even if it is ever so slightly.

On a side note, Vergil in his haste to set up his shop lost one of his valued magic bottles of shaving lotion. Vergil graciously put up a reward of over 5000gp( His tips for his hard work this day in Tinsic) to the finder of this special item. Vergil Sends his utmost thanks to Azathoth for finding and returning this valuable item.

Vergil would also like to thank the people of Trinsic for their patience and help whenever it was asked from the large crowd that gathered.

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