BNN: The Mage's Apprentice

Anderson the Scribe Jan 12 2007 7:43PM

Wexton!” Kronos yelled, his voice somewhat muffled as his head was almost entirely inside a huge box of parts.

“Yes, Master?”


Wexton blinked, then leaned closer. “YES, MASTER?”

Muttering, Kronos extracted himself from the box.

“Oh, there you are, my boy. I need a few items to finish this off.” He rummaged around in his robes, produced a crumpled piece of paper, and swiftly jotted a few notes. He handed the paper to Wexton. “Be a good lad and run out and fetch these for me, will you? And be quick – we’re nearly done!”

Wexton read over the list, his eyes growing wide. Why, to get that he’d need to kill… and this was only found in… “Oh, by the Virtues! How am I going to get these things? I’m a researcher, not an adventurer with magic armor and a glowing sword…” he trailed off. “Hmm. Getting these things would certainly be an adventure. I’m sure I can find someone to help.” He brushed the dust off his apron, raked his fingers through his beard, and squared his shoulders. As he walked out the door, Kronos popped his head up again.

“Wexton! Where are you going? It’s not yet mealtime.”

Wexton turned, puzzled. “To get thy things, Master. Remember?” He held up the parchment.

Kronos frowned at him, then shook his head as if to clear it. “Oh. Hmm. Yes, very good. Run along, boy.”

Wexton frowned. Blackrock certainly seemed to have an odd effect on those around it. It was a good thing his master was only looking for it in the interests of pure science. He stepped outside, squinting in the bright sunshine, then turned to head to the Lycaeum to look for adventurers.

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