Weight: 5 Stones
Physical Damage 100%
Weapon Damage 13 - 17
Weapon Speed 3.25ss
Strength Requirement 20
Two-Handed Weapon
Durability: 36 (min) - 48 (max)

The Whip is a One-Handed Weapon craft-able by a Tinker. In publish 107 three whip recipes were added to the seasonal creatures Krampus's loot table. Each whip type is related to specific weapon skill and each related whip offers a different Primary Special Move. All of three whip types use the Whirlwind Secondary Special Move.

They can have their durability increased, via Powder of Fortifying, to a maximum of 255. Can be dyed with Pigments of Tokuno? More information needed.

Barbed Whip Macing

Special Moves
Primary Special move concussion blow.gif Concussion Blow
Secondary WhirlwindAttack.jpg Whirlwind Attack

Bladed Whip Swordsmanship

Special Moves
Primary BleedAttack.jpg Bleed Attack
Secondary WhirlwindAttack.jpg Whirlwind Attack

Spiked Whip Fencing

Special Moves
Primary ArmorPierce.jpg Armor Pierce
Secondary WhirlwindAttack.jpg Whirlwind Attack


Skill required:
75.0 Tinkering


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