Category talk:Player Characters

Moving the pages of the category

If there is a notable player character that affected the Ultima lore or covered inside the uoherald news, then we can add its own page to the guide inside the Lore category. I think we should consider moving the pages inside this category to the user pages of the page creators or to a guild page:

We dont have policies for what needs to have a separate page or in which title, nor do we need such policies since UOGuide celebrates every user input including player character information and rules only make it more difficult for starters to add information to the guide. However, in order to separate any item, creature or system (including quests) that is (or was) present in the game, user pages and guild pages are more suitable and efficient for these information.

For guilds (eg. Guild:Citizens of Yew), I think we can move it to a standard Guild page (see Help:Guild Website Hosting) and add the locations etc. to that page. We can also add character pages of a certain guild to "Guild: Citizens of Yew - Dante Darkheart (Evil)" instead of Dante Darkheart (Evil) or even locations. Is there any other thought on these? Nimuaq 16:34, 15 May 2011 (PDT)

Article names without any specific tag ("Guild:", "Shard:", etc.) are intended for the general information about Ultima Online. User pages and guild pages are more suitable and efficient for player character and guild articles. Since there were no user input to this discussion for a little less than two months, the discussion is closed with the following changes:
  • Guild related pages are moved to new locations with the Guild: tag (see Guild).
  • Player character pages are moved to corresponding user pages. Nimuaq 05:24, 10 July 2011 (PDT)