Catskills:Deepwater Horizon Harbor

No longer standing since September of 2012

A small harbor owned by Dante Darkheart (Evil), those that call this harbor home pride it on it's secrecy. Smugglers frequently import and export all sorts of illegal goods. It is even said that one can even buy sell and trade souls there. Three ships are frequently in port there; The Ceini, The Lamprey, and The Bloodied Soul. Across the bay an Orcish ship named The Lusk is often anchored. Within the pylons that hold the harbor out of the water are various chambers. One chamber acts as a stable of sorts, two more are store rooms, and the fourth is a small kitchen. Within the small kitchen is a hatch door that leads into a tunnel that goes west to the Old Yew Crypts (The Terrordome). The second level is a dive bar of sorts that features scantily clad dancers. The bar is known for severing more than the typical liquor. Often the drinks are laced with opium or low doses of nightshade. Those that imbibe these drinks often tell tales of seeing folks with fangs, though few believe such tales. The third floor is reserved as a 'dressing' room for the dancers. Although it is usually used to undress them for a price. Finally the roof is where poppies are grown. There is also a rather large cannon.

The Harbor began to fall into disrepair and has since collapsed into the sea after a fire.

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