Character Copy

Character Copy enables players to copy their characters from their home shard to TC1 without actually removing the character from its original shard. It went live on May 11, 2011.

Copying a Character

Character Copy Menu
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Select New Shard
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You can start the character copy process from the Help menu. In order to begin the character copy, you must be in a safe log-out location like an inn or a house which you're the Owner, Co-owner or Friend.

Start character copy.jpg

You can cancel the copy at any point during the process and try again later. However, you will not be able to log into the destination shard until the character copy process is completed. Note that you will still need to create any custom game macros for that character after the copy.

The list of the things eligible for copying include:

  • The character and its current skills,
  • The items the character has equipped,
  • The character's backpack and bank box,
  • All of the character's stabled pets and pets within the immediate vicinity together with their associated contents.

while these will not be copied:

  • Temporary followers such as hirelings, escorts, and animated dead,
  • Houses and their secured items,
  • Character's affiliations to guilds, factions, and parties.
  • Bracelets of Binding and Balls of Pet Summoning will have their links cleared when copied to the new shard.
  • All legacy house deeds will be converted into house placement tools.

On the next page, you will select the shard you want your character to be copied to. Currently, the only available shard is TC1.

Verify Item Packing

Verify Item Packing
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Final Confirmation
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After selecting the shard, all of the items and pets will be shown to you inside four boxes:

Character copy - verify item packing boxes.png

These contain, from left to right:

  • Your Backpack
  • Your Worn Equipment
  • Your Bank Box
  • Your Stabled Pets

Take your time to examine the contents and check if you are missing any important item or pet. Note that you can not add items or pets afterwards if you find them missing. If there is anything missing or there is something you want to take, cancel the copy process by clicking Cancel Copy. Otherwise, press the Next Page button to view the copy summary and the final confirmation.

New Shard

After successfully copying your character to the new shard, your copied bank box will be packed into your new bank box and your stabled pets will stabled on the new shard's local stables.

In order to access your transfer crate, select the Open Transfer Crate option from the context menu of your character. You can unpack your copied backpack to your new backpack by selecting the Unpack context menu on the Backpack inside the Transfer Crate. You can also equip copied items from the worn item box by selecting the corresponding context menu on the Worn Items Box inside the Transfer Crate. You can retrieve the remaining pets by selecting Unpack Pet option in that pet's context menu.

Note that you will have 7 days to remove all items from your character's transfer crate after entering the new shard after which the remaining items in the crate will be deleted.

Reward Title

After copying your character, a new option will be available on the Titles menu, inside the Overhead Name section and in Reward category. This will display the shard you copied your character from. This will only be available on your home shard and the shard you copied your character to, which can only be TC1 in this case.