Charger of the Fallen

Ethereal Charger of the Fallen.png

The Ethereal Charger of the Fallen was given for each pre-ordered copy of the Mondain's Legacy expansion. The mount is summoned by double-clicking the Charger of the Fallen Statuette, which calls forth the Charger of the Fallen.


The, rather depressing, official fiction for Chargers of the Fallen is as follows:

In the wake of the death of Mondain the Wizard, his followers fled to the dark corners of the world, but not before stealing the remains of the dark wizard. Deep in the caves of a mountain range on the farthest edge of the world, the last of Mondain’s servants, now called the Cult of the Fallen, placed his remains into the earth to rest. The very earth was scorched to ash and the underground river that trickled nearby turned black, like the soul of he who was laid to rest.

As in life, Mondain’s corruption spread through the river and out into the majestic plains to the west. Here ran wild a vast herd of Sosaria’s finest steeds, which had fled in the wake of Mondain’s rule. But now in death, Mondain had the final victory, as with each drink of the corrupted waters the noble horses turned dark and twisted. Their souls blackened and appearance scarred, the Cult of the Fallen had finally found their allies in their battle to wreak vengeance upon the world for the death of their master.