ChessieFest 2015


I would like to invite everyone to visit Chesapeake for the 22ᴺᴰ Rares Festival, ChessieFest 2015!

  • The Festival will run September 18-20.
  • Pre-fest and vendor setup will run September 14th through 18th
  • The theme will be "Gypsies, Goblins, and Pirates, oh my!". Roleplaying any of these three groups is highly encouraged!
  • The location will be announced closer to the festival.
  • Please post a reply here to reserve a vendor. As on Izumo, there will be both rares and non-rares vendor houses. Please identify which you would like; you can have both.

Schedule for ChessieFest 2015 Events - Important Details Please Read!

ChessieFest 2015 Schedule [English]

ChessieFest 2015 Schedule [Japanese]

Summary of Events

An Introduction to Rares Fests

Borrowed from Blend

It was devised by some volunteers of this forum. DVI who performed the 1st time of the beginning in 2008 told me. "The greatest reason why I perform this festival is strengthening of a community. Forum member is active in different shards. In order to strengthen a community, We gather at one place."​


  • Brian DeSpell (@brianfreud2)

  • Lady Ivy Covedweller, Governor of Vesper (Riyana)◦aka Soozie Squidglet

◦aka Stevie the Gypsy

◦aka Captain Holly Bloodhand (Though Holly tells me that Ivy is her alt!)

  • Jack Sparrow (4gregu)


  • Amizelly Rustpotboat (aka Eena)
  • Angelica
  • Lady Ashlynn of Cove (Ashlynn_L)
  • Blend
  • Bubba
  • Captn Norrington
  • DreadLord Lestat (aka Scabby) - Governor of Jhelom
  • Lord Gareth - Governor of New Magincia
  • Icky Rotblossom (old gypsy)
  • Jelly Bean (ladyjellybean)
  • Lady Laurel
  • Lady Lauren (Murc) - Governor of Moonglow
  • MaintSorc
  • Mirt
  • Ozog (whiterabbit) - Governor of Pitmuck, self-proclaimed King
  • Lady Phoenix (Phoenix_DWxC) - Governor of Trinsic
  • Pixal Crack
  • Scribbles
  • Sir Mack Pappy
  • SoBad
  • Tehan (TehanChesapeake) - Governor of Yew
  • Temptation
  • Tinky Feetz
  • Lord Victor Speranza II (Speranza) (aka Squishy) - Governor of Minoc​

Guest Staff

  • All of the Staff of Deal or No Deal
  • All of the Staff of Price Is Right
  • All of the Sstaff of UO Radio​

The focus of this fest is intended to be on having a good old-fashioned fun festival, growing the Rare Community, and improving relations between Chesapeake and the other shards. We're planning to hold as many events as time will permit, and roleplaying is highly encouraged! :)


  • フェスティバルは9月18〜20を実行します。
  • プレフェストとベンダーの設定は、18を介して9月14日に実行されます
  • テーマは「ジプシー、ゴブリン、海賊、私のオハイオ州!」になります。 ◦これら三つのグループのいずれかをロールプレイすることを強く推奨されて!
  • 場所は、祭りに近く発表される予定。



それは、このフォーラムのいくつかのボランティアによって考案されました。 2008年の初めの1回目を実施し、DVIは私に言いました。 私はこの祭りを行う理由の最大の理由は、コミュニティの強化されています。 フォーラムのメンバーは、異なるシャードでアクティブになっています。 コミュニティを強化するために、私たちは一つの場所に集まります。"​