Client Patch 1.25.16

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: November 12, 1997
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

This patch brings your client to version 1.25.16.

  • This patch was accompanied by wiping all characters' notorieties.
  • The NotorietyQuery window was added.
  • The harbormaster for drydocking ships was added.
  • Escort quests were added.
  • The healers and shrines of Britannia began resurrecting only those whose notorieties matched their preferences.

Full Details:

This patch was accompanied by wiping all characters' notorieties. This was deemed necessary to better judge the functioning of the system, to avoid hurting those who had suffered from unexplained notoriety drops with the new harsher notoriety system, and to give a good baseline for play henceforth.

  • The "chain lightning" crash has been fixed.
  • A new UO.CFG toggle has been added called NotorietyQuery. If you set this to on by editing your UO.CFG file to include the following line:
    you will have a yes/no window pop up when you attack someone that would cause your notoriety to fall. Note that this applies only to regular attacks at the moment, not to spells, and not to ordering pets, hirelings, or summoned creatures to attack!
  • Newbie items are not stealable.
  • All issues with magic reflect in towns should be resolved.
  • Several crashing bugs were fixed.
  • Newbie items now transfer to the ghost rather than staying with the corpse.
  • "Profession" titles are now only visible at extreme notorieties.
  • We have a fix for creatures spawning outside of valid locations that we hope will ameliorate some of the problems. (The larger fix is still in progress).
  • The total amount of creatures in the world has been increased. We will be monitoring this closely to judge server load.
  • Items in containers in your backpack will now show in the sell window.
  • The AllNames macro will not work on invisible things.
  • The base penalty for resurrecting with penalties has changed from 25% to 10%, plus the standard resurrection penalty.
  • The "snoop bug" for fixing notoriety is corrected.
  • The cap on snooping is back to dastardly; it had gotten out of sync with the names when we changed the definition of specific titles a while back.
  • Corrected a problem with mining whereby it wasn't working at the full range it was supposed to. Also increased the range by another virtual yard.
  • The harbormaster will be drydocking ships.
    • Saying "dock" to a harbormaster will bring up a targeting cursor.
    • It costs 100 gold to drydock a ship. This value is up for debate, and we'd like to see feedback on it.
    • The deck of the ship must be clear of all items. You can leave items in the hold.
    • You must have the key to the ship in order to drydock it.
    • Walk over to the ship and target it to drydock it.
    • You will be given a claim ticket. The ticket names the location where you drydocked the ship.
    • Use the claim ticket to place your ship again.
    • You can only place the ship again near where you drydocked it.
  • Ships will no longer cause the radar window to open and close.
  • Double-clicking a key and then targeting the key again will let you name the key.
  • You can no longer magic lock something already locked.
  • We fixed a cause of items dropping through house floors.
  • Doors now close on ghosts.
  • The damage on magic trap has been adjusted.
  • The interaction of chain lightning and magic reflect works now.
  • Mindblast no longer calls the guards on the victim if the caster takes damage from it.
  • Armor blocks some magical damage now.
  • Magic arrow now has reduced damage if resisted.
  • Temporary stat mods now affect stamina, armor rating, and health. Note that this was not a bug, but it confused so many people, we changed it anyway. ;)
  • Guards will now answer calls to catch people on roofs.
  • Various NPCs will now be posting on the bulletin boards hiring people for escort jobs.
  • You should see more variety in the types of prisoners held by various mean NPCs and creatures..
  • The amount of metal in piles of ore is adjusted:
    • Two small piles yields one ingot
    • One medium pile yields one ingot
    • One large pile yields two ingots
  • The weight of the above piles has also been adjusted to match.
  • Increased variety in creature treasures.
  • Various other types of creatures will now have rewards when killed (such as logs from reapers, etc).
  • Wisps have been weakened.
  • The warlord keeps have been upgraded a bit.
  • Fixed the mystic llama herders and bearded ladies.
  • Made flying creatures avoid flying over water and mountains.
  • Healers who are of notoriety neutral or higher will refuse to resurrect players who are notoriety below Dastardly, with the message "Thou'rt not a decent and good person. I shall not resurrect thee."
  • Healers who are of notoriety neutral or higher will ressurrect players who are Dastardly and Dishonorable, but will say "Thou hast strayed from the path of virtue, but thou still deservest a second chance."
  • Regular virtue shrines will refuse to resurrect players who are below Dastardly, with the message "Thy deeds are those of a scoundrel; thou shalt not be resurrected here."
  • Blackthorn's shrine will resurrect anyone, but it will say this to players of notoriety below Dastardly: "Thy deeds are those of a scoundrel, but in the interests of diversity, thou mayst be resurrected here."
  • Made bankers not respond to ghosts.
  • Bankers will not respond to players who are too far away.
  • The increased damage from energy and fire attacks on metal armor will be toned down.
  • House longevity will change to nine days (it used to be three).
  • The AllNames macro will be limited to on-screen only.
  • A fix for following NPCs and creatures getting stuck on server boundaries.
  • The delay on lumberjacking will be reduced.
  • The amount of ore available in the accessible portions of mountains will be doubled.
  • An exploit related to getting items out of locked containers was fixed.

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