Client Patch 1.25.35g

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: October 13, 1998
  • Size: Unknown
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

  • The Big Window feature from The Second Age will be given to all players in token of our appreciation, and as part of the celebration of Ultima Online's first year of existence.

Using the Big Window

  • When in windowed mode, you can simply grab the window edges and resize your UO window to any size you like. Note that video performance at the larger sizes will depend on your hardware.
  • You can use the Big Window in full screen as well. Just add one of the following lines to your UO.CFG file:
    • FullScreenRes=640x480
    • FullScreenRes=800x600
    • FullScreenRes=1024x768
  • When you enter full screen mode (either via the options menu or by hitting ALT-ENTER), you will go to the specified resolution. The area not taken up by the game play area will be left black.
  • You will be able to drag any interface window out into the black area while running with Big Window.
  • You can move the play area itself around in the black space by clicking and dragging on the gold braid surrounding it. You cannot, however, resize the play area, which is always 640x480 in size.
  • All problems with the Big Window should be fixed. You must be sure to obtain the latest DirectX core and be sure that you are using the latest Microsoft certified drivers for your hardware. If you are using the Matrox Millenium II, the correct drivers can be found at
    • Going into Big Window in 640x480 will not be possible.
    • ALT+TAB will no longer skew the video.
    • Permanent toolbars (such as ICQ and MS Office) will no longer affect the video.
    • A new UO.CFG toggle will be added for those who still have video problems when using the Big Window. You must add this line only while the client is not running! If you add it while the client is running, unpredictable results may occur!
      • allowWindowResize=on to turn it on
      • allowWindowResize=off to turn it off
    • As usual, yes, no, true and false also work.
  • Paperdoll glitches should be resolved.
  • Some draw ordering problems should be resolved.

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