Client Patch 2.0.4

This patch was for the Classic Client.


  • Date: December 20, 2000
  • Size: 139,771 bytes
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

We have resolved the issues with the 2.0.4 client patch and will be releasing it to all shards at approximately 4:30PM CST. The client patch will remove the tips and update messages, fix an issue with the default desktops, and update language files. This patch will temporarily disconnect all players from the shards to patch before returning.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
  • Run a virus scan on your computer.

If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at

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