Client Patch 3.0.6m

This patch was for the Classic and Third Dawn Clients.


  • Date: February 1, 2002
  • Size: 119,444 bytes
  • Notes: None

Patch Notes

We are targeting to release a client patch today at approximately 11:30am CST.

2D Client

  • A crash bug related to books has been fixed.
  • An issue concerning lockup during login has been addressed.
  • 2D client will no longer attempt to play the intro movie at startup.
  • An issue with missing swamp tiles has been adressed.
  • An out of place guillotine graphic in one of the houses has been replaced.

3D Client

  • A crash bug related to the party system has been fixed.
  • Resolved issues with non-clickable links in text gumps.
  • Toggling the search button on the Codex will no longer toggle the button on the menubar as well.
  • The client will no longer try to play music before playing the intro movies.
  • Some particle system issues were addressed.
  • The client should now startup properly on pre-OSR2 Win95 installations. (Still requires WinSock update though.)
  • Movement with the mouse should now be more responsive.

Both Clients

  • The F10 key should no longer lock up either client.
  • Houses (most noticeably castles) will no longer partially delete themselves.
  • A crash bug related to creature names has been fixed.
  • A crash bug related to lockdowns has been fixed.
  • Various localization files.

The current version should be 3.0.6m for both the 2D and 3D clients.

If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

  • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
  • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
  • Run a virus scan on your computer. Undetected viruses may cause conflicts with patching Ultima Online. For information on up-to-date virus detection software, please visit

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