Client Patch 4.0.0p

This patch was for the Classic and Third Dawn Clients.


  • Date: August 28, 2003
  • Size: 435,225 bytes
  • Notes: Included in this particular Client Patch were the two following systems:
  1. 4.0.0p - Patch Message Upgrade
  2. 4.0.0p - Improvements to the Paging System

Patch Notes

We have released a client patch today, Thursday, August 28, which contains the following changes:

2D Game Client Only

  • For users with partial installs, please be aware that now you will get a message informing you that we will not support partial installs beginning with Publish 21.

3D Game Client Only

  • The "permanent darkness" lighting bug was fixed in 3D -- let there be light!
  • We have corrected visible black line "seams" with in-game art and text garbling issues. As a result, 3D graphics will remain sharp when zooming the camera in. Players may experience visual side effects of these changes, but additional related fixes will be released as soon as possible
  • Some text wrapping issues in the 3D client were addressed.

Both the 3D and 2D Game Client

  • Celebrate UO's new patcher software, now displaying HTML-enhanced messages!
    • Information about the new HTML patcher can be found here.
    • The new patch message can be viewed with a normal web browser here.
  • Better communication with Customer Support is now possible, thanks to the improved in-game Game Master text messaging system.
    • Additional information on these changes can be found here.
  • Yay! Fixed the launcher bug that would occasionally cause uo.exe to display an "already running" error.
  • Ping times reported on the shard selection screen are now more accurate.
  • Updated bulletin board art to enhance the vendor system.
    • Bulletin boards are not available in-game yet. They are part of the vendor improvement changes that are currently in testing. For more information about the Vendor Improvements, please visit this page.
  • Updated some localization files.

If patched correctly, your current version should now be 4.0.0p for both the 2D and 3D clients.

This new patch message is brought to you, in living color, by the UO Development and Web teams!

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