Client Patches

Client Patches are occasionally applied to the various clients for several reasons:

  • To fix some functionality issue (bug) in a client.
  • To update one or more art files, which are stored client-side.
  • To fix one or more client-side security holes.
  • To add the client-side functionality of new server-side content.
  • To synchronize the patch numbers of the various clients.

Up until the release of Third Dawn, all patches were, obviously, only for the Classic Client. It was some time after this before the numbering for the client patches associated with the Classic and Third Dawn Clients were synchronized. Patch numbers for the Kingdom Reborn and Classic Clients were never synchronized, and patch numbers for the Classic and Enhanced Clients are not currently synchronized.

Current Clients

These game clients are currently supported and regularly updated. They can be used to connect to official Ultima Online game servers.

Classic Client Patches

Latest CC: - April 27, 2017

See: List of Classic Client Patches

Enhanced Client Patches

Latest EC: - April 27, 2017

See: List of Enhanced Client Patches

Discontinued Clients

These game clients have been retired and can no longer be used to connect to official Ultima Online game servers.

Kingdom Reborn Client Patches

Final: - September 7, 2009

See: List of Kingdom Reborn Client Patches

Third Dawn Client Patches

Final: - March 28, 2007

See: List of Third Dawn Client Patches

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